Single Slam – My Own Grave by As I Lay Dying

American metalcore band, As I Lay Dying have released their first piece of new music in 6 years. That music comes in the form of a single called My Own Grave. No word yet as to whether it is part of an album, but it is likely that news will follow soon.

My Own Grave is self released due to As I Lay Dying not currently having a record label contract. The last release prior to this was 2012’s album, Awakened. A lot has happened in the years between. The band split when frontman, Tim Lambesis, was sentenced to 6 years in prison after hiring a hitman, who was actually an undercover cop, to kill his wife and the mother of his children. A despicable act, yes, but his punishment has been served.

We at GBHBL are in the habit of reviewing music, not people.

With Lambesis a free man again, As I Lay Dying have reunited as the original, pre-sentencing line up. Alongside Tim Lambesis whos is on vocals, we have Jordan Mancino on drums. Guitars are in the hands of Phil Sgrosso and Nick Hipa while the bass is with Josh Gilbert.


My Own Grave is just over 4 minutes long and is a cracking metalcore track. It is strange I guess, in metal, but the best music usually comes from dark times. Lyrically it is very self reflective from Lambesis I think. Lines like “It’s clear I lost my way” and “I know there is no one else to blame” or “finally forced to face what I’d become”. It seems clear that Lambesis hasn’t quite forgiven himself and that should go a long way to winning back fans. The worst thing they could have done was to come back and ignore what had happened. Instead they seem to be pouring their grief, despair and guilt into their music and we fans are the beneficiaries of that.

A slow building riff with echoed roars starts the track of before it kicks in with powerfully delivered vocals and a blistering drum beat. The aggression steps up further with a vicious roar and a verse of speedily delivered riffing and screams. There is a cleanly sung chorus with fast drumming which sounds huge. Little melodic guitar lines tail off from the heavier, bassy main riff and there is a glorious high toned solo with Tim’s roars in the background.

That fades into a more melodic section which builds back into the big and catchy chorus. The chorus is repeated a few times with loads of multi toned backing vocals before building up for a decent breakdown to end.

My Own Grave is emotionally charged and a fantastic metal song. It has a powerful and catchy chorus, big riffs, strong vocals, blazing drums and glorious lead guitar lines. Everything you want from a song. The band have been forced to wear their heart on their sleeve and the music is better for it. A heavy and powerful return from a band many thought we would never hear from again. Many wouldn’t have cared if they had disappeared forever in truth but on this evidence, there is still a place for them in metal. Bring on an album.

My Own Grave is available now on all the usual streaming services, like Apple Music and Spotify. You can also check it out at As I Lay Dying’s YouTube channel here. Keep up to date on new releases and info on the band at their Twitter and Facebook pages.

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My Own Grave by As I Lay Dying
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