Album Review: Cultus Profano – Accursed Possession (Debemur Morti Productions)

Los Angeles-based black metal duo Cultus Profano is proud to announce the impending release of its via Debemur Morti Productions.

Hidden deep within the darkness, Cultus Profano was formed by Advorsus and Strzyga in 2016 with the impious vision to fulfil a sacrilegious oath in the form of unholy compositions. Now, the devoted heretics ready their second arsenal of sinful chants once again under the banner of Debemur Morti Productions.

Their second blasphemic offering Accursed Possession is due out August 28th 2020.

What an evil offering Cultus Profano have for us here. From the very moment the wind howls and the bell chimes on Cursed in Sin, Op. 25, you’ll know the devil is at your door. Dare you answer?

The blackness rolls in from guitars filled with malevolent intentions, the drums are the sound of your blood thumping in your ears and the vocals are the horror you feel on the back of your neck. Horrifying? Oh yes. Lusciously twisted? Oh yes. A black metal battering? OH YES!

With an array of ritualistic offerings that range from just over 9 minutes long to just over 4 and a half minutes long, Cultus Profano gouge and gouge until pain becomes pleasure. Devoted to the Black Horns, Op. 16, Within a Coven of Shadows, Op. 21 and Crown of Hellfire, Op. 11 just three that truly stand out.

There is no let-up, no relief and no escape from the hellacious barbarity but fans of the darkest and blackest of metal won’t be looking for it. An absolute thrill-fest of heaviness, the mind will become mush in the hands of Cultus Profano.

The devil is no longer at the door. That’s his breath on your neck.

Cultus Profano – Accursed Possession Full Track Listing:

1. Cursed in Sin, Op. 25
2. Devoted to the Black Horns, Op. 16
3. Upon a Tomb of Sacrilege, Op. 24
4. Towards the Temple of Darkened Fates, Op. 19
5. Within a Coven of Shadows, Op. 21
6. Tenebris Venit, Op. 23
7. Crown of Hellfire, Op. 11


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Cultus Profano - Accursed Possession (Debemur Morti Productions)
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