Album Review: The Devil’s Trade – The Call of the Iron Peak (Season of Mist)

The Iron Peak; a mystical place where one once found his long lost peace total silence and home. Where he would return when his time to come to pass away. A place that has became a materialization of everlasting freedom cut from society and all earthly struggles. As antient beliefs says heaven is a place where we found peace with our loved ones in life the Iron Peak is some kind of heaven.

Listen to the call of the Iron Peak as it is calling for you to find your true self in a world you want to be isolated from. It is calling for you to make peace with yourself, with the inevitable end. It is calling for Hungarian singer-songwriter Dávid Makó, who redefined himself as The Devil’s Trade a few years ago, embarking on a long journey with his deeply personal and dark, sometimes doom infused folk songs.

Be it the folk of the Appalachians, the tales of Hungarian and Transylvanian traditionals, The Devil’s Trade fuses his past of metal and his roots laying deep in the folk songs of his immediate surroundings.

His new album, and his debut for Season of Mist, titled ‘The Call of the Iron Peak’ will be released on August 28th 2020, preceded by a tour in April 2021 alongside UK singer-songwriter Darkher and Swedish neofolk/ambient artist Forndom.

With eerie and dark melody, enhanced by mournful, yet powerful vocals, The Iron Peak appears before your very eyes. Without missing a beat the view is enhanced by Dead Sister, through III and in to No Arrival. The dour melodies are your companion on this journey with only the exceptionally emotional vocals able to cut through the mire.

Like watching troubled clouds spread across the sky, the oddly titled Expelling of the Crafty Ape is filled with cold air. A downpour is coming and it will be so powerful it may wash everything, including sin, away.

As the rain eases, the sky clears and The Call of the Iron Peak gets stronger with the ancient sound of Három Árva. Before hope that the journey might be coming to close arrives with the passionate and powerful, Eyes in the Fire.

Although it might mean your death, on tired feet Dreams from the Rot and the title track bring the epic folk excursion to an end.

All about the vocals and emotional weight behind them, the melodies rarely get wildly different and this is an album that should probably be consumed in one sitting to really appreciate it.

The Devil’s Trade – The Call of the Iron Peak Full Track Listing:

1. The Iron Peak
2. Dead Sister
3. III
4. No Arrival
5. Expelling of the Crafty Ape
7. Három Árva
8. Eyes in the Fire
10. Dreams from the Rot
11. The Call of the Iron Peak


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The Devil's Trade - The Call of the Iron Peak (Season of Mist)
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