Album Review: Cruthu – The Angle Of Eternity (The Church Within Records)

Based in Lansing, Michigan, Cruthu are a doom band about to release their new album, The Angle of Eternity. Out on February 23rd 2018 via The Church Within Records. Guitarist Dan McCormick had this say regarding the album:

“The album is traditional doom metal with heavy ’70s movements and passages — well structured and deliberate. We were going for a more lo-fi, circa-’70s sound. Our current goal is to progress the project into some early-NWOBHM over time without compromising our traditional influence.”

Cruthu 1

The doomy output of Cruthu is less about unbridled heaviness & more about providing a memorable 70’s satanic effort. More in common with the likes of Black Sabbath, Lady in the Lake’s repeating rhythm is like the buzzing of flies around a corpse.

It drones on seemingly attempting to unseat your mind from its comfortable place in sanity’s warm glow. The only thing helping you keep a grip being the sultry & booming vocals.

Bog of Kildare’s up-tempo rhythm changes things up nicely, the darkened groove almost catchy in its efforts. From the Sea brings fuzzy riffs that put you in mind of being stoned, slowly blowing warm smoke in your face while Seance speeds things up with flashes of rumbling bass heaviness.

An unusual but appealing listen ends with the title track, a breathless tale of haunting doom. The focus is heavily on the drum beat that leads the guitars through corridors filled with spluttering candles, spider webs & plenty of shadows.

Cruthu 2

Cruthu – The Angle Of Eternity Full Track Listing:

1. Separated from the Herd
2. Lady in the Lake
3. Bog of Kildare
4. From the Sea
5. Seance
6. The Angle Of Eternity

You can order the album now over on Bandcamp & via The Church Within Records’ store here. You can find out more about Cruthu on Facebook.

Cruthu - The Angle Of Eternity (The Church Within Records)
  • The Final Score - 8.5/10
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