Album Review: Creeper – Sex, Death & The Infinite Void (Roadrunner Records)

Goth rock/pop punk band Creeper return with their second album, Sex, Death & The Infinite Void out now via Roadrunner Records.

They’re back! The enigmatic Creeper return with their second full-length. Over three years since their most touted debut, Eternity, In Your Arms. There was a point where this follow-up just didn’t seem possible.

A band that do things their own way and always seem to have a trick or two up their sleeve. Especially when it comes to meeting the heady fan expectation that comes with their impressive rise up the ranks of rock in a short amount of time.

Everyone that calls them part of the Creeper cult expects this new album to be great. After all, surely such a lauded band couldn’t be a ‘one and done’?

The good news is that, of course, Creeper have released a good album here. One that is filled with all manner of eccentric, energetic, thought-provoking, melodramatic and enigmatic tunes. It’s very Creeper but it’s also obviously quite different from what they put out last time.

Its overall tone is a hell of a lot more upbeat and there’s a fair amount of nods to an old-school rock and roll style. The ‘drive-in’ rockabilly catchiness of Be My End is a massive introduction to Sex, Death & the Infinite Void. You’ll be singing this one for a long time afterwards that much is for sure. Although it’s far from alone in being a hell of an ear-wormy track.

Born Cold has a pretty kick-ass chorus, the gothic rock vibes of Paradise is good fun, Thorns of Love is dripping in 80’s melodrama as only Creeper can do, Four Years Ago is delectably cold and Black Moon is all kinds of classy catchy goth-infused punk rock. All tracks that can proudly sit amongst the best of their work to date.

However, it’s not wall to wall bangers with the odd misstep and lack of sparkle. Cyanide is one that fails to light up the imagination with a very repetitive sound. Annabelle is just a bit bland, Poisoned Heart is utterly forgettable and the short spoken word segments do little for me.

The Creeper cult will lap this album up (especially when they hear All My Friends) but if you’ve not been sold on them before, this probably won’t change that. In fact, it might be way more poppy at times to its detriment.

To date, I’m still listening to many tracks from Eternity, In Your Arms but long-term I can’t help but think they’ll only be a handful from this album I go back too.

Creeper – Sex, Death & the Infinite Void Full Track Listing:

1. Hallelujah!
2. Be My End
3. Born Cold
4. Cyanide
5. Celestial Violence
6. Annabelle
7. Paradise
8. Poisoned Heart
9. Thorns of Love
10. Four Years Ago
11. Holy Water
12. Napalm Girls
13. The Crown of Life
14. Black Moon
15. All My Friends (Hidden Track)



Creeper - Sex, Death & The Infinite Void (Roadrunner Records)
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