Album Review: Creeper – Eternity, In Your Arms (Roadrunner Records)

Southampton’s Creeper have been going since 2014 but Eternity, In Your Arms is their debut album release. They’ve amassed a huge cult following (Creeper cult) over the years thanks to 3 well-received EPs (Creeper, The Callous Heart & The Stranger). The latter of the three has seen them really gain traction in the main stream & they have been hailed as the next ‘big thing’ by some.

Eternity, In Your Arms is out now via Roadrunner Records.

Described as ‘goth rock’ akin to the likes of AFI & Alkaline Trio, Creeper draw from many influences within the rock & pop genres but create their own unique sound.

Creeper Band

You’d have to say that there is some serious pressure on Creeper to deliver but from the moment opening song, Black Rain starts those worries quickly disappear. A soft piano start with female spoken words lead into an outstanding & attention grabbing riff. It’s a stunning first song that delivers on all front but particularly the chorus.

“…and in the rain, I scream your name”
“…so, darling just you shut your pretty mouth!”

Creeper create choruses that you’ll be singing for days afterwards & Black Rain has one of the best they’ve ever put together. It’s just a ‘wow’ moment & the perfect start.

Poison Pens has a much more punk beat with some nice gang vocals that drops into a really dark & moody bass led tune. It’s a damn fine song but struggles in between Black Rain & Suzanne, a song that once again shows just how strong Creeper’s choruses are.

The repeated ‘now, now, now’ line works because it leads into a fantastically catchy chorus with a following bass hook that is likely to give you an orgasm. Singer, Will Gould’s voice is like melted butter here, that man can sing.

The first half of Eternity, In Your Arms is so strong. We’re talking an album of the year here. Hiding With Boys may be the best song on the entire album with riffs weighted in gold & vocals that will leave you open-mouthed with wonder. The final minute & a half is the best moment in a Creeper song to date.

The fan-favourite ballad from The Stranger EP, Misery is a surprise inclusion but not an unwelcome one. It’s a beautiful song even if it’s a pity that this 11-track album is all brand-new songs. Gould’s intense delivery is what stands out here, at times he sounds close to tears.

Unfortunately, at this stage we’ve heard the best that Creeper has to offer. Down Below’s upbeat tune is catchy but nothing special. Room 309 is forgettable up until its final minute or so. The chugging guitar & Gould’s vocals combine to create a real feel-good finish.

You’ll need that moment because Crickets is likely to leave you in tears. An acoustic ballad with keyboard player & backing vocalist, Hannah Greenwood killing it with her singing. It’s a very emotional song that anyone who has ever loved & lost can relate too.

Darling is almost unashamed in its obvious Alkaline Trio sound & can best be described as just a decent song. Thankfully Winona Forever brings things back up, it’s catchy beat & mid-point guitar strumming really standing out.

Eternity, In Your Arms comes to a close with another ballad. A piano melody that is all kinds of sweetness, a coming of age song that will invoke happy memories. It gets really interesting as it builds towards a more passionate sound & Gould lets his powerful voice soar. It’s a great ending to an album that hasn’t disappointed.

The few songs that don’t hit as hard do so because of the quality of the others around them. Black Rain, Suzanne, Hiding With Boys, Misery, Crickets, I Choose to Live…Creeper really are the future of this type of music.

Creeper – Eternity, In Your Arms Full Track Listing:

1. Black Rain
2. Poison Rain
3. Suzanne
4. Hiding With Boys
5. Misery
6. Down Below
7. Room 309
8. Crickets
9. Darling
10. Winona Forever
11. I Choose to Live

Eternity, In Your Arms is out now & can be bought/streamed from every major music selling site out there! Should you fancy some extras with your purchase then head over to their official website here or the Roadrunner UK store to pick them up. If you want to stay up to date with all things Creeper related then check them out on Facebook & Twitter.

Creeper are out on tour in the UK directly after the album release. For dates click here but bear in mind many venues (such as London) are now sold out.

Creeper - Eternity, In Your Arms (Roadrunner Records)
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