Album Review: Chemicide – Common Sense (RipRide Records)

Thrash metallers Chemicide enter their second decade in existence with a brand-new album called ‘Common Sense’. Due out on March 15th, 2022 via RipRide Records.

A manic blast of thrash metal, Chemicide’s Common Sense is an blast of old-school fire and ferocity. Forceful and hectic riffing, dirty hooks and blistering drumbeats, screaming solos and screeching vocals. From the moment Self Destruct kicks in, the heat is turned up until things are well and truly bubbling over. If you’re not head-banging like a loon after this opener, check your pulse.

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Although, the head-banging isn’t going to stop once Lunar Eternity, the title track and Barred Existence continue Chemicide’s barrage. Dropping thrash metal missiles from up high, the group cause some wide-spread devastation with these explosive hits.

False Democracy is one of the more pointed and politically charged anthems on the album and Chemicide relay their message in very-aggressive style. Spitting, snarling, raging and raucous thrash metal.

No surprises then that Color Blind, Strike as One, Disposable and It’s an Action wrap up the latter half of the album in similar style. Circle-pit creating mayhem, head-banging inducing heaviness, old-school thrash with a modern flavour and feverish intensity. What’s not to enjoy?

Chemicide – Common Sense Full Track Listing:

1. Self Destruct
2. Lunar Eternity
3. Common Sense
4. Barred Existence
5. False Democracy
6. Color Blind
7. Strike as One
8. Disposable
9. It’s an Action


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Chemicide - Common Sense (RipRide Records)
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