Album Review: Centuries of Decay – Centuries of Decay (Self Released)

Dropping their debut album self-titled album on August 4th 2017, Centuries of Decay are an ambitious progressive metal band from Toronto, Canada.

Decay 1


A concept record regarding the changing times & how life depends on centuries of decay, the ten minute self-titled opening song showcases melodic metal with deep oceans of imagination. Haunting but with a real sense of beauty, the guitar melody alongside a fascinating drum beat is such an appealing sound. A sound that suddenly takes on a darker tone, upping the heaviness & dealing out an absolutely stunning chugging guitar attack.

There is no arguing with that start, absolutely mesmerising.

The Architect & Asylum are comparatively short songs jammed in between two epics. The former going for the jugular with some seriously sharp teeth while the latter is all about a bone-crunching bass & drum beat that echoes in the soul.

The latter part of the album is all about hitting as hard as Centuries of Decay can. White-hot noise from the blasting heat of Wings of Death & the double header of Rise & Demise. As a finale both songs are intensely heavy & call to something ancient & primal inside. Oddly though, both songs end with soft melody. The former uses a piano while the latter brings an acoustic guitar. It helps bridge the gap making them feel like two parts of a bigger story.

Decay 2

Centuries of Decay – Centuries of Decay Full Track Listing:

1. Intro
2. Centuries of Decay
3. The Architect
4. Asylum
5. Odyssey
6. Wings of Death
7. Rise
8. Demise

Head over to the band’s website or Bandcamp to order the album. You can find out more about Centuries of Decay by liking their Facebook page, following them on Twitter & following them on Instagram. You can listen to some of their music over on YouTube & SoundCloud too.

Centuries of Decay - Centuries of Decay (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 8.5/10
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