Album Review: Carnal Abhorrence – The Crowned Apocalypse (Realityfade Records)

Carnal Abhorrence is a two-piece US based tech BDM act formed in 2017. They are releasing their sophomore album via Realityfade Records called ‘The Crowned Apocalypse’ on November 27th 2020.

Kicking off with a couple of jabs to the temple, the title track and This Sinister Fuel has Carnal Abhorrence laying down their strongest hand. No bluffing, just pure confidence that what they have is a winner.

They’re not far off it either as based on the first two slabs of frenzied slabs of BDM, this is a very strong effort. The squealing of the guitars, the absolute assault of percussion and the vocals, akin to the sound of a plunger being used in a filthy and blocked up toilet, will have you sitting up that little bit straighter.

…but hey, two tracks don’t make an album. The question is, can Carnal Abhorrence sustain this filth?

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Encased in Disgrace brings some maddening techy guitars to the party, sprayed out like blood from an artery. Lucas Mann of Rings of Saturn proving once again, to be an absurdly complex guitar player. Whereas The Unholy Trinity (featuring Misstiq) combines the guttural obscenities heard so far with these cleaner rhythmic passages and unnerving electronica. If you were worried, Carnal Abhorrence had just one trick (savage brutality) then these two tracks, and the following tech-death beast that is The Butchers Shibboleth will allay those fears.

Serving up more chaotic noise, both Ordained Octane and Cycles of Cybernetic De-Evolution throws out razor sharp guitar screeches and has the drums pulverising the mind into mush. Before Carnal Abhorrence somehow get even more brutal with the super-short pairing of Unholy Mainframe of Disdain and Sycophant of the Throne.

Wrapping up the seemingly unending abuse with one last wild tectonic slab of technicality and death in Necrotonic Re-Birth.

The complexities of the album sometimes get overshadowed by the guttural noise but when Carnal Abhorrence get it right, it’s immeasurably exciting.

Carnal Abhorrence – The Crowned Apocalypse Full Track Listing:

1. The Crowned Apocalypse
2. This Sinister Fuel
3. Encased In Disgrace (feat. Lucas Mann of Rings Of Saturn)
4. The Unholy Infinity (feat. Misstiq)
5. The Butchers Shibboleth
6. Ordained Octane
7. Cycles Of Cybernetic De-Evolution
8. Unholy Mainframe Of Disdain
9. Sycophant Of The Throne
10. Necrotonic Re-Birth


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Carnal Abhorrence - The Crowned Apocalypse (Realityfade Records)
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