Album Review: Cadaver – Edder & Bile (Nuclear Blast)

Back with a vengeance and hell-bent on destruction, Norwegian death metallers, Cadaver, are back in business and ready to reign. Edder & Bile, the first full length from this band’s new incarnation of Anders Odden’s original, extreme metal vision, will be released on November 27th, 2020 via Nuclear Blast Records.

This latest version of Cadaver has a tough task ahead of it. Keeping the death metal legend’s trademark sound fresh while not deviating too far from the playbook either. With the combined talents of Anders Odden and Dirk Verbeuren, it’s a task that you can have confidence in though.

Ten tracks long, it’s a no nonsense start with a blast of guttural growls, forceful drums and piercing riffs. Morgue Ritual setting the extreme metal bar at a very high point early on thanks to its coarse but comprehensive edge.

The first of two guests make an appearance on Circle of Morbidity, the icon that is Possessed vocalist, Jeff Becerra adding his scowling voice to a track with a bit more death metal groove to it. Followed by Feed the Pigs, where Kam Lee (ex-Mantis, Massacre and more) tears everyone listening a new one. While these two tracks may be focused on the vocals, enough can’t be said about the barbarity found elsewhere.

The guitars are savage but it’s the drums that really stand out in the mix, perhaps a little too much a times, but they are relentless.

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A word that does encapsulate what Cadaver have produced here overall – a relentless extreme metal album. The middle portion of the record; Final Fight, Deathmachine, Reborn and The Pestilence bringing nastier and nastier bile up through continues retching.

Entrenched in an old-school death metal sound but not so much that it sounds or feels dated. Nor does it struggle to capture just what has made Cadaver such a name.

The latter part of the album certainly doesn’t throw up any surprises but doesn’t lose focus either. Cadaver still pumping away at the death metal well with renewed strength. As those drums (and guitars) hammer away on the title track, reaching hypnotic stages on Years of Nothing and fittingly, setting the world ablaze on Let Me Burn.

Cadaver – Edder & Bile Full Track Listing:

1. Morgue Ritual
2. Circle of Morbidity
3. Feed the Pigs
4. Final Fight
5. Deathmachine
6. Reborn
7. The Pestilence
8. Edder & Bile
9. Years of Nothing
10. Let Me Burn


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Cadaver – Edder & Bile (Nuclear Blast)
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