Album Review: Cane Hill – Too Far Gone (Rise Records)

Too Far Gone is the second full length release from Cane Hill, the followup to 2016’s Smile. The album was released on January 19th 2018 via Rise Records.

Cane Hill 2

It’s kind of amusing just how far Cane Hill went out of their way to distance themselves from the nu-metal tag that came with the release of Smile in 2016. An album that was through & through nu-metal, check out our review here.

Considering there has been a minor revival & nostalgia has seen a wave of returns, Cane Hill’s denials just came across silly. You only had to listen to Smile to get that late 90/early 00 vibe.

…and unsurprisingly that’s what you’ll get from a huge chunk of their new album, Too Far Gone.

Too Far Gone is an improvement on Smile & Cane Hill at least fit into the better categories of nu-metal bands. The title track is a punchy hard-hitter that is ripped straight from the year 2000, while Lord of the Flies is all about its chorus and Erased drips dark atmosphere.

These are early positives on an album filled with far too many negatives. It Follows screams ‘play me at your club cause it sounds edgy’ & will have frat boys kicking the air declaring they love metal now.

The best track on the album is the 2-minute hardcore fury of Scumbag. A politically charged track that actually shows some hidden extra talent in Cane Hill. They might want to consider this a direction to go as they move forward.

“Nazi fucking scum”

The last enjoyable track comes with Hateful, a nasty slab of heaviness that delivers some killer breakdowns. The album then peters out, a real issue considering it’s so short already. 10¢ and The End are just forgettable.

So the question is if Too Far Gone is a bad album & the answer is no, it’s not. It’s a nu-metal record for the most part no matter how often Cane Hill will try to deny it it but it also has shades of hardcore & metalcore.

Cane Hill are moving in the right direction & once they’ve settled on a sound that they are happy to throw their weight behind we could have something pretty special.

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Cane Hill – Too Far Gone Full Track Listing:

  1. Too Far Gone
  2. Lord of the Flies
  3. Singing in the Swamp
  4. Erased
  5. Why?
  6. It Follows
  7. Scumbag
  8. Hateful
  9. 10¢
  10. The End.

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Check it out yourself via Apple Music below.


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Cane Hill - Too Far Gone (Rise Records)
  • The Final Score - 6/10
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