Album Review: Cadaver Disposal – Transformatio Mundi (Nihilistic Empire Records)

The new album from Cadaver Disposal (feat. members of Belphegor, Bethlehem and Braindead), Transformatio Mundi will be released on April 28th 2017 via Nihilistic Empire Records.

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13 tracks of intense death metal, Transformatio Mundi comes with a story:

Preface: After an instrumental tale about beauty and doom (De Pulchritudine Et De Ruinam) the story sets in…

Eternities ago and during a Congregation, man was chosen to be the strongest species on the planet. The Ancient Order given during this meeting is clear: Respect the Gods & uphold the beauty of the planet, which is your home and the creation of the mightiest. But man won’t stick to those duties. Science is demystifying the very secrets of the world, Seven Seals Unveiled. The rule of man is getting stronger and stronger, the ancient orders are slowly forgotten. During A fateful Gathering the leaders of man decide to behave like those who have once given the orders to uphold beauty. As a clear symbol of man’s divinity, he enters the temple and celebrates the forbidden Divine Delectation.

The Gods see the development on the planet they once created. They are sad and speak out a clear warning to man: If you do not respect the laws and orders we gave your ancestors, you, your species and your whole planet will be doomed. Remember What Must Never Be Forgotten! In order to make man see the possible consequences, they send him a vision of the world as they wanted it – An Infinite Dream Ascends. Man sees the dream, but his will to power, his longing for divinity cannot be changed anymore. The world is turning to black. Transformatio Mundi. Sadness rises in the Eldest minds, but they realize they cannot change man’s attitude towards their creation anymore.

They realize the Failure of Man, who has now destroyed the earth with wars & diseases. Earth is pale and void, darkness is over the deep, the spirits of the Gods are hovering above the ground, watching the Saddening Nothingness on the planets’ remains. Since they are merciful, they decide to recreate the world by sending down the son of hope and a maiden as signs of their divine mercy. Mankind gets another chance and shall Return from Exile.

Conclusion: There is so much left (Quantum Restat) if man sticks to the very simple laws of upholding his home: Our earth.

Transformatio Mundi 2

This fascinating tale backs up the intense & brutal assault of metal that exists throughout. 57 minutes of non-stop fury but filled with all manner of wondrous hooks. There isn’t a bad song on Transformatio Mundi. Killer riffs, hyper-aggressive drum beats, vocals dipped in fire…from the moment Congregation explodes in your face you know you’re in for a serious treat.

What makes Transformatio Mundi standout from the Death Metal pack is just how rhythmically challenging it is. There are no formulaic moments here, each song offering something unexpected. It’s an incredibly exciting album even when it’s just hitting as hard as it can (Seven Seals Unveiled, A Fateful Gathering).

The album is an incredible slice of metal on an upwards trajectory throughout but it’s with Divine Delectation & An Infinite Dream Ascends that it reaches new heights. The formers roaring guitar solo being a standout moment.

You can hear the confidence that Cadaver Disposal has here. They know they’ve written a hell of an album. So confident are the band that they drop a 9-minute track in. The title track is 9 minutes of death metal rage with machine-like drum beats & a blistering solo to cap it all off. It’s a brave move but one that pays off in spades.
The triple header of Failure of Man, Saddening Nothingness & Return from Exile keeps things consistently heavy before Conclusio: Quantum Restat caps of a masterpiece of a death metal album.

For being 13 tracks & 57 minutes long, Transformatio Mundi feels too short by time it reaches its conclusion. It’s non-stop in your face aggression is such a welcoming sound thanks to fantastic riffs, bags full of rhythm & a production that makes every single note sound crystal clear.

Transformatio Mundi 3

Cadaver Disposal – Transformatio Mundi Full Track Listing:

1. Intro: De Pulchritudine Et De Ruinam
2. Congregation
3. The Ancient Order
4. Seven Seals Unveiled
5. A Fateful Gathering
6. Divine Delectation
7. What Must Never be Forgotten
8. An infinite Dream Ascends
9. Transformatio Mundi
10. Failure of Man
11. Saddening Nothingness
12. Return from Exile
13. Conclusio: Quantum Restat

Out on April 28th via major streaming services, you can find out more about the band via Facebook & Twitter. You can check out some of their music on Soundcloud, ReverbNation & YouTube. You can also check out Nihilistic Empire Records here.

Cadaver Disposal - Transformatio Mundi (Nihilistic Empire Records)
  • The Final Score - 9.5/10

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