Album Review: Burial Invocation – Abiogenesis (Dark Descent Records)

Turkeys’ Burial Invocation are set to unleash their long-awaited debut full-length album, Abiogenesis. After years of silence the band has returned with a new line-up and five lumbering tracks of subhuman death metal.

Abiogenesis will be available July 6th 2018 on limited-edition vinyl with CD and digital release dates set for August 17th 2018 via Dark Descent Records.

Burial Invocation 2

While there is no denying this debut from Burial Invocation is a death metal record, to lump it in the same category as many of their peers would be a bit unfair. Seeing as they go for a much more layered and detailed effort.

The five tracks that make up Abiogenesis take you on a dark and brutal but appealing journey. Revival is filled with all manner of horrifying riffs, deeply guttural vocals, booming drums and high-pitched solos. A fantastic start is followed up by the title track taking the early sound one step further by upping the tempo.

The highlight comes with Visions of the Hereafter with its thumping groove beat that drifts through the cosmos on wings of savageness. Then, if you still have life left in you, Burial Invocation try to squeeze your last breaths out with Phantasmagoric Transcendence.

That it ends on a very short, guitar melody is almost funny seeing as the battering that was just meted out. That being said, it’s a nice enough way to close an excellent release out.

Burial Invocation 1

Burial Invocation – Abiogenesis Full Track Listing:

1. Revival
2. Abiogenesis
3. Visions of the Hereafter
4. Phantasmagoric Transcendence
5. Tenebrous Horizons



You can order the album via Dark Descent Records here and via Bandcamp here. Find out more/keep up to date with news by liking Burial Invocation’s Facebook Page.


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Burial Invocation - Abiogenesis (Dark Descent Records)
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