Album Review: Breaking Samsara – Light Of A New Beginning (Boersma Records)

Due out on September 29th 2017 via Boersma Records, Light of a New Beginning is the new album from hard rock band, Breaking Samsara.

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Breaking Samsara play upbeat hard rock that has an air of the classic about them but not so much that it becomes distracting. Light of a New Beginning wears its influences proudly but doesn’t let them dictate the path taken.

The traditional rock riffs of Restless Nights aren’t exactly the most exciting you’ll hear this year but strong vocals & killer guitar solo really make their mark ensuring as an opener it becomes very memorable.

Breaking Samsara massively make up for that iffy start with the gorgeous melody & beat of Rebel at Heart. Here it’s less about an old school sound & more about showcasing the many talents of the band. Fantastic guitar melody & stunning vocals mix well & stand up to really get noticed.

Proving that they have way more up their sleeves, the title track uses a piano. Perfecting its use alongside some downright dirty sounding riffs & a solo that really gets the blood pumping.

It’s those solos that constantly prove to be the highlights of the record. Whenever things seem to just be motoring along without grabbing your attention it’s often a raging solo that grabs you by the scruff of the neck & drags you back in such as during End of a Hero.

The softer, slower tracks don’t quite hit the mark though. Bye Bye Baby is sweet sounding but doesn’t live long in the memory while Time for Things to Change is boring.

There are plenty of killer riffs though, Money Ain’t Worth a Dime will put a huge smile on your face with its uplifting sound while the heavy rock beat of Scarsoul has a nice catchiness to it.

A hit & miss album. When it hits it really is a great slice of hard rock but when it misses it’s just forgettable at best.

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Breaking Samsara – Light of a New Beginning Full Track Listing:

1. Restless Nights
2. Rebel at Heart
3. Light of a New Beginning
4. Bye Bye Baby
5. Money Ain’t Worth a Dime
6. Time for Things to Change
7. End of a Hero
8. Scarsoul

You can order the album now over on the band’s website here as well as via Boersma Records here. Make sure you check them out on Facebook, Instagram & YouTube.

Breaking Samsara - Light Of A New Beginning (Boersma Records)
  • The Final Score - 6/10
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