Album Review: Book of Wyrms – Occult New Age (Desert Records)

Book of Wyrms are back with more out of this world psychedelic metal! The band is set to release their 3rd full-length album, “Occult New Age”, May 7th, 2021.

The grooviest of riffs, nice and bassy thrums and eerie vocals… Meteoric Dagger is a warm eye-opener for what kind of magic Book of Wyrms will be casting throughout their new album. Magic that draws not just from occult rock and psych but doom and classic heavy metal.

It’s captivating to listen too, especially as it has a constant goal of chilling and thrilling. Exemplified by the following Colossal Yield. A track with odd effects, uncouth drum patterns and bursts of energy. That’s the thrill part whereas the soft and quiet instrumental melody of Albrionlilly is the chill.

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Which continues into Hollergoblin, albeit with a bit life and a more animated bass and drum section. An instrumental psychedelic trip for the first few minutes, but the best kind, where you feel lighter than air and sleep like the dead afterwards. The wake up call coming from the echoing vocals and meatier guitar rhythm.



The clean, fragility of the vocals that are present on Keinehora play off the doomier and slightly fuzzed up guitar tones. Whereas Speedball Sorcerer is a bit more robust in regards to energetic rockiness. Two sides of Book of Wyrms showcased and both done with incredible power.

The double header of Weatherworker and Dracula Practice continue to show the fascinating groove, melody and super-chill psych elements of the band. The former, delving into the eerie occult pit with rhythms to make you move as though you’re possessed. The latter, a wicked mouthful of the trippiness that embodies much of this album.

Occult New Age is simply an album that is so listenable. An album packed with variety and an exciting blend of styles.

Book of Wyrms – Occult New Age Full Track Listing:

1. Meteoric Dagger
2. Colossal Yield
3. Albrionlilly
4. Hollergoblin
5. Keinehora
6. Speedball Sorcerer
7. Weatherworker
8. Dracula Practice


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Book of Wyrms - Occult New Age (Desert Records)
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