Album Review: Bone Man – III (Pink Tank Records)

Hailing from Kiel in Germany, Bone Man are due to release their third full length album, III on April 21st 2017 via Pink Tank Records.

Bone Man 1

The psychedelic sounds of 70’s rock mixed with some late 90’s grunge influence (more Soundgarden, less Nirvana) is a style that really stands out. III is an album filled with energetic riffs, melancholy vocals & heaps of proggy hooks.

The fast-pace of Pollyanna built around some killer riffs & throbbing bass lines sees it fly by in a blur of dirty smoke. Its near 4 minute run begs for one more listen just so you can pick up something you might have missed the last 5 times you listened to it.

Vocally it sounds great with some real contrast between lighter highs & darker lows. The sermon-like style of Wreck Under the Sea really standing out.

Elsewhere the slower, moodier style of These Days Are Gone (the screaming of ‘in another life’ at the end is awesome), Cold Echo & Incognito have real groove about them. A sexy, sound that curls around your body. You can imagine sitting back, feet up with a cold beer & a joint in your hand while listening to these songs.

III deserves a lot of praise, it’s packed full of memorable moments such as Zeitgeist’s proggy guitar rhythm. The sonic journey ends with some nice melody that leads Amnesia out of the dark throwing in a frantic finish ensuring we never get a dip in quality.

“Dear Amensia, shall we meet again once more”

You won’t be forgetting III anytime soon. The album ends & it just begs to be started again instantly. A fantastic piece of old-school sounding psychedelic rock.

Bone Man – III Full Track Listing:

1. Pollyanna
2. These Days Are Gone
3. Cold Echo
4. Years of Sorrow
5. Wreck Under the Sea
6. Incognito
7. Zeitgeist
8. Amnesia

III is out on April 21st via Pink Tank Records & can be picked up over on Bandcamp. Bone Man can be found over on Facebook as well as Pink Tank Records.

Bone Man - III (Pink Tank Records)
  • The Final Score - 8.5/10

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