Horror Movie Review: The Void (2017)

The Void opens with a very mysterious scene. A man bursts out of an isolated farmhouse & runs off into the woods. Unfortunately the woman following doesn’t quite make it & she is shot in the back. Two men then walk up to her & set her on fire. As introductions go it’s vague but very exciting. Just who are these men & why would they set a woman on fire?

Well, stay with us because the answers are coming. Well, sort of. The Void does leaves a fair few loose ends flapping in the wind.

The Void 2

The man who did manage to escape the farmhouse is drug-addict James. He stumbles across the town’s deputy, Daniel who brings him to the local hospital. The hospital is being shutdown & moved elsewhere after having suffered a serious fire. Unfortunately with loss of life including Dr. Richard Powell’s daughter.

When Daniel arrives at the hospital he finds it is being staffed by a skeleton crew. A staff that includes his estranged wife, Alison. The only other patients in the hospital are Cliff & heavily pregnant Maggie with her grandfather, Ben. Everything seems to be going smoothly until Daniel walks in on nurse Bev calmly murdering Cliff with a scalpel to the eye.

The Void 3

Daniel orders her to not move but when she turns to him she has cut the skin off her face exposing the flesh & muscle underneath. It’s very gruesome looking but oh so good & Daniel is forced to shoot her dead. Shocked by what has happened, Daniel collapses in the bathroom & has a strange vision.

When he wakes up there is now a state trooper in the hospital having come to take James into custody (the farmhouse was a bloodbath). Before that can happen Daniel is attacked by a number of robbed cultists as he tries to call in the deaths from his patrol car. He manages to escape back inside & the cultists surround the hospital.

The Void 4

Just when things couldn’t get any more strange the two men from the beginning of the film arrive having hunted down James. Then the body of Bev transforms into a tentacled creature & kills the state trooper. Just what is happening inside this hospital? Who are the two men? Why are they so desperate to kill James & just what do the cultists outside want?

The Void 7

The Void is a movie that you don’t want spoiled. What occurs over its 90-minute run can be best described as a non-stop thrill ride. It combines the monster effects of The Thing, with the madness that comes from Clive Barker’s mind with a little 80’s horror style sprinkled over it.

Extremely graphic & violent, what might seem like an over the top, tongue in cheek horror ends up being a harrowing & realistic watch. Visually it’s very hard to fault The Void. It transforms mundane scenes into memorable & tense filled moments. The use of the lighting & the sound of horns that surround the cultists actions are standout moments of the movie.

The Void 8

However even that pales in comparison to the monsters. The Void has a hell of a lot of imagination when it comes to creating memorable monsters. These creatures are disgusting visually but exude such a threat that they could only have come from the deepest & darkest bowels of hell.

The Void 6

The small cast are compelling to watch even if some relationships aren’t expanded on quite enough. There are a few too many questions regarding several characters by the end unfortunately.

The story is steeped in mystery & while it’s not the easiest to follow leaving a few loose ends, it is a well told one. Some plot points are only really hinted at forcing you to try & fill in the blanks but it’s nothing a sequel or prequel couldn’t fix.

The Void 5

From the great acting to the stylistic visuals to the stunning practical effects, The Void will leave you with the biggest smile on your face. A rare gem.


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The Void
  • The Final Score - 9/10

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