Album Review: Bloodphemy – In Cold Blood (Black Lion Records)

Influenced by the malevolence of Morbid Angel, Sadistic Intent, Obituary and the likes, Bloodphemy are an old school death metal band hailing from Amersfoort, Utrecht. The Dutch group made their start in the year 2000, and their initial run was intense but unfortunately short. Crushing stages for two consecutive years and releasing the demo “Section 8”, Bloodphemy came to a full stop in 2003, but only to come back stronger and heavier than ever after thirteen years of long slumber.

2016 saw the release of the EP “Blood Will Tell”, which pulled the band back in the game. Just a year later, Bloodphemy unchained the debut full length called “Bloodline” in the mid-2017.

Bloodphemy are now poised to unleash their upcoming album, In Cold Blood, April 12th 2019 via Black Lion Records.

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Blending two important areas of death metal, Swedish and Floridan, Bloodphemy’s new album is ten tracks of cold and heartless heaviness. Brutality at its most violent, horrors at their most vile, In Cold Blood is a terrifying listen that harks back to a time that the most complex death metal got was with the odd flair in a riff.

That is certainly what we get here and some more as Bloodphemy take us on a dark and sadistic journey of tight riffing, hyper soloing, powerful percussion and vocals scrapped off the devil’s vocal chords.

The total lack of nonsense is in itself impressive as the death metal masters just push as hard as they possibly can to force wild head-banging. They totally succeed too as it’s a phenomenally brutish yet exciting listen.

There’s nothing here that is going to change the very fabric of death metal’s being but it’s up there as one of the more enjoyable and focused releases in that sub-genre this year.

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Bloodphemy – In Cold Blood Full Track Listing:

1. Psycotic breakdown
2. Spree Killing
3. Bloodline
4. A Barbarous Murder
5. Mental Atrophy
6. S.P.E
7. Out Of The Box
8. Chambers Of Horrors
9. Worship Me
10. L,Uomo Delinquente



The album can be ordered via Bandcamp here and at Indie Merch Store here. Find out more via Bloodphemy’s website and Facebook Page!


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Bloodphemy - In Cold Blood (Black Lion Records)
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