Album Review: Bleed From Within – Fracture (Century Media Records)

Acclaimed modern metal outfit Bleed From Within are putting the past behind them and positing an overhauled frame of mind on their new album, “Fracture”. A recent statement from the Glaswegians aimed to reshape the band’s heretofore struggles:

The doubt and fear that consumed us for years have been replaced with an insatiable hunger to grow as people. We’ve noticed this shift in energy and channeled it into our music. As a result, our new album is the strongest and most uplifting we have ever written.

Bleed From Within will release Fracture on May 29th via Century Media Records.

What a beast this is. What a hell of a catchy, energetic, uplifting and ferocious metalcore offering this is. A renewed Bleed From Within delivering arguably their strongest work to date as not a single moment of the 10 tracks here are lacking in either fire or melodic melodrama.

Kicking off with the smash-mouth groove of The End of All We Know, the combined efforts of the bloodying riffs, scarring vocals and crushing percussion delivering gold. Throw in a hell of an upbeat chorus and a savage breakdown and Fracture is off to a grand start.

A touch of brief electronica doesn’t detract from the predatory edge of Pathfinder and Into Nothing follows that with an absolute head-banger. Aggressive and very heavy, the riffs are brutalising but consistently interesting.

It is metalcore, but a modern and re-energised style that draws from other areas of metal. A great example of this is Fall Away which spits out a thrash-like guitar solo and has the crunchiness of groove metal throughout. Then we get the more melodic but equally as destructive title track and the grin-inducing riffs of Night Crossing. A double-hitter that sees Bleed From Within at their best.

Truth be told, if you’re not sold on the quality of Fracture at this stage then chances are you’re not going to be. Simply because the latter part of the album doesn’t make any drastic changes to the winning formula and just sees Bleed from Within cement their importance to the metal scene. For All to See, Ascend and Utopia are unsurprisingly pit-fillers and as classy and as brutalising as everything that came before.

It’s an album you don’t want to end but end it must with one final burst of energy, speed and heaviness with a Depth That No One Dares. A fantastically dark and mean finale confirming this as an unmissable album.

Bleed From Within – Fracture Full Track Listing:

1. The End of All We Know
2. Pathfinder
3. Into Nothing
4. Fall Away
5. Fracture
6. Night Crossing
7. For All to See
8. Ascend
9. Utopia
10. A Depth That No One Dares


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Bleed From Within - Fracture (Century Media Records)
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