Album Review: Skin Failure – Radillac (Small Pond Records)

New progressive thrash/hardcore group Skin Failure, made up of members of Black Peaks, Memory of Elephants, and Kainoah, are here to take you on their ride. Their debut album Radillac, to be released 11th November via Small Pond.

A concept album, Radillac tells the story of an interdimensional ‘Jesus’, flung into amphetamine-powered wormhole and travelling through time and space.

How’s about this for something fresh, interesting and a bit bloody weird? Based off this album, it’s clear that Skin Failure are about to become a lot of people’s favourite band.. if they’re not already. Not just because their brand of progressively tuned thrash and hardcore energy is so enjoyable but because the concept behind the tracks is so effective. It’s certainly ‘out there’ but it does capture the imagination nicely. Who doesn’t want to go on a journey with an interdimensional ‘Jesus’!?

Admittedly, hearing such a description does create an expectation of stoner and psychedelia touches. Elements that fit the concept and steadily creep in, so it is nice to hear Skin Failure avoid a lot of the tropes. Aside from groovier moments, Skin Failure keep the heaviness of thrash and hardcore front and centre, even when they get experimental. Which they do, a lot. No complaints though as the result is electrifying and unique.

They’re a rabid bunch and from the very start the sense of hurtling through time and space is heavily present. A stomach-churning roller-coaster that you can’t help but laugh out loud to, even as it flings you about dangerously. It’s fast, but with high peaks that inevitably plunge you into depths, causing heart palpations and excited squeals.

However, it’s also an album filled with infectiously progressive numbers. Skin Failure channelling their inner-Mastodon before exploding into life as they reveal influences like Every Time I Die and even the likes of Slayer. If that sounds baffling, that is because it is, but it’s also incredibly addictive.

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It’s never clear just where us and the interdimensional ‘Jesus’ will end up next, but two things are guaranteed. The first is that it’s going to be bloody weird and different. The second is that it’s going to a whole lot of fun. Strap in tight, Radillac is revving and Skin Failure are about to take off.

Skin Failure – Radillac Full Track Listing:

1. Intro | In time and Space
2. Sleeveless Jesus | The Void
3. Meat Pond | Down by the River
4. Skit | Remy LeBeau’s Big Pile of Bones
5. Full Throttle Nothing pt2 | The Montage
6. The Beast Awaketh | A Hole in the Sky
7. Southern Fried Homicide | The Radillac Battle Sequence
8. Give’r By the River | As Bridges Fell (Metal Alarm Call)
9. Radical One | Amphetamine Dreamland


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Skin Failure - Radillac (Small Pond Records)
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