Album Review: Blacksword – Alive Again (No Remorse Records)

No Remorse Records proudly presents the sophomore full-length of Russia’s heavy metal band, Blacksword! Alive Again is out on July 30th, 2021.

Scream it as loud as possible. HEAVY FREAKING METAL!

Blacksword are back with a new line-up and a desire to bring their stonking head-banging noise to the masses. The fire runs through their veins and comes shooting out of their orifices in the form of Alive Again. Nine tracks of heavy head-banging gold with plenty of melody to add even more substance.

Kicking off with the energetic and chest-beating Iron Will, Blacksword lay out their heavy metal credentials for all to hear. There’s no disputing them based off what is heard here. The fist pumping power of Cave of the Witch, the thumping heaviness of Immortal Hero, the blend of playful melody and wild instrumentation that exists on Barbarian Born, and the momentous, power-driven push of Long Lost Days.

Epic stuff that has very little in the way of complications but also delivers consistent and constant addictive heavy metal good times. Even when it’s a shorter and punchy hit like Darkest Heart or a longer and more expressive, larger-than-life effort like The Last Viking.

That latter offering seems almost tame in comparison though to the meaty head-banger that is the 8-minute long title track. Blacksword demanding your undivided attention, grasping it and refusing to let go until you’re sweaty from the sheer effort to escape.

The end is in sight though with The Crown of All, a finale that showcases symphonic grandness for a surprising but impressive outro.


Blacksword – Alive Again Full Track Listing:

1. Iron Will
2. Cave of the Witch
3. Immortal Hero
4. Barbarian Born
5. Long Lost Days
6. Darkest Heart
7. The Last Viking
8. Alive Again
9. The Crown of All


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Blacksword - Alive Again (No Remorse Records)
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