Album Review: Blackberry Smoke – Be Right Here (3 Legged Records)

Atlanta, GA rock band, Blackberry Smoke will release their highly-anticipated brand-new album, ‘Be Right Here’ on February 16th, 2024, via 3 Legged Records/Thirty Tigers.

As an Irish man living in England, it’s fair to say that I have no real idea what the ‘sound of the South’ is, from an American point of view. That being said, identifying bands that have a Southern rock taint, as I know it, is rarely difficult. Most have distinguishing sounds, and Blackberry Smoke are no different.

However, few bands seem to embody a Southern mindset like this band, and that comes through their music in a stronger way than most. For Southerners, in particular, those from Georgia, I imagine this sound is as homegrown as boiled peanuts, the World of Coca-Cola, and ex-president, Jimmy Carter.

Excuse the nonsense, I just wanted to express how far removed I am from the cultural significance of this sound and this band. Yet, I do know rock music, and I do know when a band is delivering something that will put big smiles on faces around the entire world.

That is Blackberry Smoke and that is Be Right Here, a ten-track groovy, foot-tapping, and fun blast of rock anthems. Transcending preconceived boundaries by being a rock band that anyone can enjoy. It’s not complicated, it’s just music to boogie to, unless you’re a right miserable soul.

Here’s the thing, this kind of music isn’t for everyone. Heck, I wouldn’t call myself a fan, but it’s easy to recognise a talented band who know exactly who they are and how to deliver on expectations. There is no way anyone listens to this album and comes away hating every single track. Not when the likes of Dig A Hole grooves away, Be So Lucky has a psych-grunge tinge, Don’t Mind If I Do is full on rock and roll entertainment, and Little Bit Crazy has the power to get a room full of people up and moving.

Now, it is worth mentioning that there is no breaking the wheel, no formula changeups, no attempt to move Blackberry Smoke in a fresh direction. Be Right Here is as Blackberry Smoke as it comes. So, if you’re hoping for a bit more innovation, you’re looking in the wrong place.

For fans of this band though, that’s not going to matter one bit. One monkey don’t stop no show, after all.

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Blackberry Smoke – Be Right Here Track Listing:

1. Dig A Hole
2. Hammer and the Nail
3. Like It was Yesterday
4. Be So Lucky
5. Azalea
6. Don’t Mind If I Do
7. Whatchu Know Good
8. Other Side of the Light
9. Little Bit Crazy
10. Barefoot Angel


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Blackberry Smoke - Be Right Here (3 Legged Records)
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