Horror Movie Review: 6:45 (2021)

From director Craig Singer, who co-wrote the story alongside Robert Dean Klein, comes 6:45. A horror/thriller that takes elements of the comedy Groundhog Day, but from a more terrifying standpoint.

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Michael Reed plays Bobby Patterson and Augie Duke plays Jules Rable, a young couple on a romantic holiday at an isolated island town. They are hoping the getaway will help mend their fractured relationship, even though both harbour resentment and frustrations about events that are unclear to the viewer at the start.

Across the film’s runtime, we will get to know the characters and their struggles, but also what brought their relationship to this point. There’s no ignoring the problems for this couple, especially as the same day keeps repeating over and over for Bobby. A day that ends with Jules having her throat slashed by a masked figure, and Bobby having his neck broken.

Who is this masked killer? Why is Bobby stuck in this loop? Why is he aware that he is stuck repeating events over and over again?

All of this will be answered, and more, as 6:45 plays out. Be prepared for something far more cerebral than first expected.

A slow burn watch, 6:45 requires the viewer to have patience, especially at the start as we spend a large amount of time just getting to know the couple, seeing them explore the town, being in the room when they have sex (which they have a lot of), and their back and forth with hotel owner, Gene (Armen Garo). It is slow, but it is strong character development, which is necessary for the details about their relationship problems to have weight. Not only that, it helps make the viewer care about the pair and become invested in Bobby’s attempts to both change events and break the loop.

Although his issues means his approach isn’t often the best, and across multiple loops he descends into the sort of behaviour that we learn has caused a lot of the issues the couple have. Issues such as heavy drinking, violent behaviour, cheating, and more. Yet, it’s Bobby’s refusal to face up what he has done that really makes him a character.

The mystery and reveal is what makes 6:45 such a compelling watch, and even though it has plenty of horror elements (the death scenes are always gruesome), it’s the thrill of wondering how it will eventually play out, that will keep viewers watching on.

This is a movie you don’t want spoiled for you, save to say, it does stick the landing, even if it heads off in unexpected, twisted, and depressing directions. 6:45 is a great movie, provided you are willing to let it ferment in the mind. There are untold ‘unchain your brain’ horrors, so it’s nice to have something that really wants to challenge.


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6:45 (2021)
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