Album Review: Black Phantom – Zero Hour (Punishment 18 Records)

Black Phantom are a traditional heavy metal band (Iron Maiden style) from Milano, Italy. Their new album ‘Zero Hour’ was released on March 27th 2020 by the label Punishment 18 Records and distributed in UK by Goodfellas/Plastic Head.

The Iron Maiden reference certainly holds true here as Black Phantom let the classic riffs fly and the vocals draw from the well of Dickenson impressively. Happily, though it’s less a tribute to the legends and just something most will notice then move on to enjoying the heavy metal head-banging tunes.

Hyperactive and spirited, it’s an album rooted in the old school sound, something that Black Phantom are so very good at. Be it the harmonious rhythm of Redemption, the darker thump and epic mass of The Road, the rapid-fire riffs of Aboard the Rattling Ark and the chunky vigour of Begone!

Uncomplicated metal but mighty fun to listen too. Let the hair fly!

Black Phantom – Zero Hour Full Track Listing:

1. Redemption
2. Hordes Of Destruction
3. Schattenjäger
4. The Road
5. Aboard The Rattling Ark
6. Either You Or Me
7. Begone!
8. Hands Of Time
9. Schattenjäger (Deutsch)


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Black Phantom – Zero Hour (Punishment 18 Records)
  • The Final Score - 7/10
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