Album Review: Bats – Alter Nature (Self Released)

Dublin avant-rock 5-piece Bats will release their new album ‘Alter Nature’ on October 10th 2019.

Having formed in 2006, the band released their EP ‘Cruel Sea Scientist’ in 2007, their debut LP ‘Red In Tooth & Claw’, produced by Converge’s Kurt Ballou, in 2009 and ‘The Sleep Of Reason’ produced by These Arms Are Snakes’ Chris Common in 2012. Sporting their own brand of science inspired metal/post-hardcore and surprisingly danceable post-punk, the band have received critical acclaim around the world.

With the forthcoming release of their third studio album, Bats seek to continue their ongoing quest of promoting science and reason while combating superstition and pseudoscience with blastable riffs and existential grooves.

Avant-rock is an understatement as Bats are a truly unique sight in modern rock music. Their music is impossible to categorise as it’s so wacky, so unusual and so off-base that every single person could find something different within it that speaks to them.

From the moment Alter Nature gets going it knocks everything off balance with a confusing and complex wall of noise in the form of Summoning the Demon. Noise is one thing but that this is also such a damn catchy track is where things really leave things up in the air.

Simply put, it’s important this album is approached with the most open mind possible. It’s how Bats have managed to create such wonderful oddities as The Call of Chtulhu, In the Court of the CRISPR King, Dyson Sphere and Current Affairs. Just a selection of the better tracks from an album that needs as much time as possible to really let what Bats have done here sink in.

Wacky and wonderful.

Bats – Alter Nature Full Track Listing:

1. Summoning The Demon
2. Christian Science
3. The Call Of Chtulhu
4. Old Hitler
5. In The Court Of The CRISPR King
6. Ergot
7. Dyson Sphere
8. Family Planning
9. Current Affairs




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Bats - Alter Nature (Self Released)
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