Album Review: Basement Torture Killings – Lessons In Murder (Bizarre Leprous Productions)

Building upon the overwhelming savagery of 2017s There’s Something About Beryl, Basement Torture Killings are back with some new lessons in depravity and blood. Lessons In Murder will be unleashed by Bizarre Leprous Productions at the end of May.

While we weren’t completely sold on Basement Torture Killing’s following the release of There’s Something About Beryl, we did like it and looked forward to seeing what they could do next.

That ‘next’ has arrived in a blood-splattered mush of grind, gore and death metal but something that sounds so much more refined. Time and experience has done Basement Torture Killings the world of good as Lessons In Murder is a horrifying yet evilly pleasing record. A unit on top form delivering a modern assault of savagery all while grinning with gore stained teeth throughout.

Nowhere is that more present than through the vocals of Beryl who is an absolute beast here. Delivering her vocal barbs with flesh-tearing ferocity while the sharpness of the riffs make deep and painful cuts to the pink and soft parts of the body. What’s left is then pulverised into a gruesome paste by the bass and drums.

Sure, you might roll your eyes at the thought of yet another grind/death extreme release but you’d be foolish to dismiss this album. It’s the cream of extreme and that Basement Torture Killings always have a slight tongue in cheek approach makes it all the better.

Basement Torture Killings – Lessons In Murder Full Track Listing:

1. Armchair Psycho
2. Three Step
3. DIY Murder Kit
4. Exercising Your Dominance
5. Erotophonophilia
6. Public Displays Of Aggression
7. Psychoflage
8. Resolving The Body Problem
9. The Pen
10. Objectification
11. The League Of Extraordinary Killers


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Basement Torture Killings - Lessons In Murder (Bizarre Leprous Productions)
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