Album Review: Avi Rosenfeld – Very Heepy Very Purple VII (Self Released)

The 33rd album, Very Heepy Very Purple VII from guitar wizard, Avi Rosenfeld is once again a tribute to the sounds of classic rock & metal bands like Uriah Heep, Deep Purple, Rainbow etc…

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Featuring a whole host of talented musicians from across the world, the album opens with a sound like the start of a boss battle in a video game. Walls of Castle Black’s guitar shredding grabs the attention. There’s a real old school sound to the record, when it says it’s a tribute to the likes of Deep Purple & Uriah Heep, it’s not messing around.

The bassy thump & overuse of keyboards in Somebody Alone doesn’t quite hit but it’s followed by the far better & uplifting, Ceasers. It’s a great showcase of excellent vocals.

Things get even better with the wild sounding Castle Knights from Edinburgh with its blasting riffs & up-tempo beat. One of the best songs on the album by some distance.

One of the best things about this album is just how good it makes you feel, it’s happy music that has hallmarks of the yester-year but still has a modern, fresh style to it. Even the slower, more ballady stuff like City Gates will put smiles on faces thanks to a kick-ass guitar solo.

The latter half of the album is definitely the better with the fantastic shredding sounds of Rock in Heaven, the grungy vibe of Took the Morning Train & the trippy Laylas Lover. Finishing up with the hyper Tail Gunner, a song that is all about powerful vocals with some seriously huge wails while also dropping one of the best solos of the entire album.

Another impressive piece of work from the extremely talented Avi Rosenfeld, who is doing a standup job of matching both quality & quantity!

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Avi Rosenfeld – Very Heepy Very Purple VII Full Track Listing:

1. Walls Of Castle Black
2. Somebody Alone
3. Caesars
4. Castle Knights From Edinburgh
5. Evil Clown
6. City Gates
7. Rock In Heaven
8. Took The Morning Train
9. Laylas Lover
10. Tail Gunner

You can listen to & pick up the album now from Bandcamp. You can find out more about Avi Rosenfeld on his website, on Facebook & on YouTube.

Avi Rosenfeld - Very Heepy Very Purple VII (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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