Album Review: Missiles of October – Better Days (Various)

Released in 2016 & available via various labels, Better Day is the latest record from stoner rock, punky sludge band Missiles of October.

October 2


Offering a really raw sounding product, the sludgy guitar sound of Better Days against growling, rough vocals & a punky ethos is surprisingly addictive listening. The attitude that exists in the likes of No Brain No Attitude, Satisfaction in Nothing & Everyday fits wonderfully with the chunky guitar riffs & infectious rhythms.

You wouldn’t think a combo of punky hooks & meaty riffs with dirty raw vocals would necessarily work but Missiles of October make it sound like it would have been impossible to fail. The up-tempo edgier post-hardcore sound of stuff like Better Days, Loser & Chainsaw fits perfectly alongside the darker side of the band’s style.

Adding a sprinkling of groove, fuzzy bass & crashing drum beats to the overall sound enhances the experience. This is a roughness that you can’t help but enjoy. Saving the best for last, Blah-Blah-Blah & Two Feet in Sludge confirm what you should already know by now, Better Days is a great album. The former is foot-tapping, head-banging speedy rhythmic number with tongue in cheek lyrics.

“you’re saying blah! blah-blah-blah!”

While the latter, really pushing the groove to the forefront before letting rip with a meaty rhythm. The croaking vocals is nearing black metal levels of nastiness, it’s relentless but so endearing. A slamming way to finish off.

The album has a really murky & thick sound to it. Like wading through a filthy bog on a hot summers day as mosquitoes buzz around you constantly. You’re uncomfortably hot, the smell beginning to get to you but you’re still so in love with the noise surrounding you.

October 1

Missiles of October – Better Days Full Track Listing:

1. State of Crisis
2. No Brain, No Headache
3. Satisfaction in Nothing
4. Better Days
5. Everyday
6. Loser
7. Chainsaw
8. Problems
9. Blah-Blah-Blah
10. Two Feet in Sludge

You can pick up Better Days & earlier music over on Bandcamp. Check out Missiles of October over on Facebook to find out more about the band!


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Missiles of October - Better Days (Various)
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