Album Review: Aronious – Perspicacity (The Artisan Era)

After recently signing with The Artisan Era, Wisconsin-based progressive death metal/tech-death unit Aronious are excited to keep things moving forward by announcing the upcoming release of their debut album, Perspicacity. The ambitious 13-song album will see release on March 13th via The Artisan Era. It is the follow up to the group’s highly praised 2014 EP, Truth In Perception.

Aronious had this to say about Perspicacity:

Perspicacity is our debut concept album that has been in the works for quite a long time. Some of the material was written even before our E.P ‘Truth in Perception’ came out in 2014. We are happy to announce the long-awaited album for release in early 2020. We tracked all the instruments with our guitarist Nick Weyers at his studio and produced the album ourselves prior to sending it to Mark Lewis for mixing and mastering. The recording process was a long and tedious one. Meticulously analyzing each section to be sure we brought something we felt to be very special to all who have waited and to all who will discover us with this new release. We are excited to bring you our most ambitious musical effort yet.

Ambitious!? That’s an understatement! Perspicacity is eclectic and wide-ranging progressive death that doesn’t so much as defy conventions as it does obliterate them.

From the moment parts 1 and 2 of the title track kicks proceedings off, it’s impossible to not be wrapped up in the cyclone of ridiculous guitar work, bulky percussion and skin-stripping vocal barbs. The end of the latter is heaviness on another level that fuels the mind for what follows.

Which is an array of killer heavy technical tunes. Ones that wrap their weight around the mind and squeeze until there is nothing left but pain and enlightenment. At almost an hour long, there is no excuse for not finding yourself lost amongst the waves and waves of progressive death that is on show here.

From the flat out viciousness of Somatic Evolvement to the discharge of guitars on An Assembled Reality to the thrilling instrumental double part of Modernity to the feral clatter of Delusions of Superiority. This will make your throat dry, your eyes twitch and your stomach clench.

Aronious – Perspicacity Full Track Listing:

1. Perspicacity Part 1
2. Perspicacity Part 2
3. Somatic Evolvement
4. The Passage of Knowledge
5. An Assembled Reality
6. Modernity Part 1 (Instrumental)
7. Modernity Part 2 (Instrumental)
8. Eternal Subjugation
9. Self Induced Affliction
10. The Digital Age
11. Delusions of Superiority
12. A Grim Fate
13. Inconclusive




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Aronious - Perspicacity (The Artisan Era)
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