Album Review: Apophys – Devoratis (Ultimate Massacre Productions)

Dutch death metal bruisers Apophys will release their second full length, a sci-fi epic entitled Devoratis, on January 22nd 2018 via Ultimate Massacre Productions.

Apophys 1

The album is based on a science fiction story written by vocalist Kevin Quilligan. “We wanted to do a concept album but we couldn’t find a fitting concept,” Quilligan shares. “So we decided to write it ourselves. Together with all the members we fashioned our own tale to tell which has given a whole new meaning to our music.”

“The story of an unlikely union of two forces against an intergalactic race led by a zealous leader known as Consul…”

A thumping groove-orientated rhythm gets things started strongly as Children of the Stars proves to be the kind of opening you’d hope for on a nine-track epic. The ferocity of the drums, the intensity of the riffing & the sickening heaviness of the vocals combines to create a magnificent death metal experience.

One that is steeped in sci-fi wonder as Apophys create an other-worldly feeling without resorting to spacey sound effects. Tracks like Xiux – The Parasite, Matters Unresolved & Deadlock provide familiar but fresh sounding death metal tunes played to the maximum strength. There is no denying how much Apophys believe in this album & it makes you believe too.

Smartly, Respite (Interlude) does exactly what the title suggests, it gives a moment to catch the breath. To take in what has been heard so far & to prepare for the intensity that is to follow.

The thundering groove heaviness returns with gusto for the final few tracks of a staggeringly good album. What We Will Be has no time for anything but spitfire, Retaliate delivers a short jab to the ribs before Occasus sees things out in horn-throwing, head-bangingly wonderful fashion.

Apophys 2

Apophys – Devoratis Full Track Listing:

1. Children of the Stars
2. The Verdict
3. Xiux – The Parasite
4. Matters Unresolved
5. Deadlock
6. Respite (Interlude)
7. What We Will Be
8. Retaliate
9. Occasus

You can order the album via Ultimate Massacre here & pick up Apophys music over on Bandcamp, Spotify, Google Music and via Apple Music below. You can also pick up merchandise over on Big Cartel. Find out more about the band via their website, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Also check out some of their music on Soundcloud & some of their videos on YouTube.

Apophys - Devoratis (Ultimate Massacre Productions)
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