Album Review: Amanita Virosa – Original Plague (Inverse Records)

Amanita Virosa is back with their second album ‘Original Plague’ which is set to be released on August 23rd 2019 by Inverse Records.


Epic but more in line with the likes of Dimmu Borgir then Nightwish, Amanita Virosa have strong links to the symphonic but are rooted in the heaviest of black metal too. Building from the Prelude into I Walk Away impressively, there is no disputing their heavy credentials once things really get under way.

The mix of keys, squealing riffs, tough sounding percussion and deep throaty vocals work well on My Enemy. The gothic vibes are strong and stick with you. While Despair is for the Living is the howling winds of hell rushing towards humanity. A fascinating and interesting listen that showcases the marriage of black and symphonic perfectly.

It bears repeating again that Dimmu Borgir fans will feel right at home here. There is no denying the similarities between the two bands. Just listen to Weak, Strong & Wise to see just what exactly we’re talking about.

It doesn’t stop it being a banger of a track. Nor does it stop the head well and truly banging on the following Open Your Mouth.

However it’s This Night that probably takes gold in regards to the most impressive track on the album. Drumming that pounds away, riffs that sear flesh and vocals that sound like they’re right behind you in a dark room, it’s a belter.

From there we race towards a gothic and symphonic finale in the form of Hatred Becomes Entwined and Longing. The former a little brighter thanks to the twinkly keys and upbeat guitar solo while the latter draws the darkness out like poison from a wound.


Amanita Virosa – Original Plague Full Track Listing:

2.I Walk Away
3. My Enemy
4. Despair Is For The Living
5. Weak, Strong & Wise
6. Open Your Mouth
7. Armias, Ole Huorani
8. This Night
9. Hatred Becomes Entwined
10. Longing


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Amanita Virosa - Original Plague (Inverse Records)
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