Album Review: After the Abduction – Cracked & Bled (UKEM Records)

Cracked & Bled is the long awaited debut full length from Manchester death metal quintet After the Abduction.

Cracked & Bled will be released on CD and Digital formats through UKEM Records on March 27th 2020. This exciting release follows After The Abduction building up a huge name for themselves performing live at festivals including Bloodstock, SOPHIE Fest, Fall In The Brawl, UK Slam Fest and Badgerfest, as well as playing alongside bands such as Ingested, Conan, Corrupt Moral Altar, Foetal Juice and more.

A vicious and heartless record, Cracked & Bled is very much the epitome of what a salacious level of noise death metal can be. The sheer stubborn barbarity of what After the Abduction are capable of delivering here is eye-watering and repulsively strong.

Like a bad stink that emanates from a crack in the earth, or the slime that drips from filthy sewer pipes, it’s hard to not turn your nose up just a tad. Although you’ll certainly not avert your eyes and ears because of the hostility that exists within it. It creates a ‘fight or flight’ feeling and there is no relaxing while the band smash their way through 7 horrific numbers.

Like the best kind of brutal death metal, you’ll feel like filth while listening to Cracked & Bled but you’ll be loving every minute of it. Smear it all over and embrace the horror.

After the Abduction – Cracked & Bled Full Track Listing:

1. Blood
2. Flat Bastard
3. Stuck in Fat
4. Cracked & Bled
5. Gagged in the Arse
6. Lay and Decay
7. Mourning Rock


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After the Abduction – Cracked & Bled (UKEM Records)
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