Album Review: Ad Vitam Infernal – Infernal Comedy (Lavadome Productions)

Originating from France, Ad Vitam Infernal are a death metal band and ‘Infernal Comedy’, their debut album, was released on January 31st via Lavadome Productions.

Lyrically, Infernal Comedy explores the circles of Hell as experienced by Dante Alighieri in ¬the Divine Comedy. ¬ The lyrics written from the point of view of the damned or demons and other entities which belong to the Divine Comedy, even Dante himself in the last song.

A stirring debut, the senseless noise that pours from Ad Vitam Infernal is the hellish side of death metal. The stuff that burns with righteously evil fire; blasts of insane guitars, drums that crash and smash and a vocal performance that would make the lord of darkness weep in fear.

It’s a lot to take in but once the mind begins to adapt, the really exciting side of Infernal Comedy shows itself. A side that showcases massive and crushing riffs, thick hooks that dig in deeply drawing plenty of blood and a filthy rhythm that conjures the worst of the worst imagery.

The delightful horrors of the circles of hell is showcased pleasingly throughout the 8 tracks of Infernal Comedy. While understanding the lyrics is no easy task considering how they are spat out, when you do catch a snippet it just draws you deeper into Ad Vitam’s Infernal world.

Ad Vitam Infernal – Infernal Comedy Full Track Listing:

1. Ad Vitam Infernal
2. Abject
3. Hell Hunger
4. God Shall Not Take Your Hand
5. No Sides
6. To Cross The Rivers
7. Rise! Our Souls…
8. Insane Prayer




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Ad Vitam Infernal – Infernal Comedy (Lavadome Productions)
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