Album Review: ΛΔΛΜ – Sun (Venerate Industries)

From the far-east of Europe come ΛΔΛΜ (ADAM), an esoteric and beguiling quintet who straddle the worlds of grunge, post-rock, alternative metal, psychedelic and stoner rock. The Greek band return with their new record Sun, originally released 21st August 2020 but now seeing a physical re-release on the 4th June 2021 via famed local label Venerate Industries.

Sun is an ode to our star as a gray line on the horizon, the hope and anticipation for better days that may never even come and the spiritual liberation through a psychedelic journey between the macrocosm and the microcosm.

This release passed me by back in August 2020, which was a real shame as hearing it now has me thinking it would have been in the top 10 of best albums for that year. Simply because of how much depth and world-building exists within it.

Leaning towards psychedelic post-rock but tinged with grunge and stoner, ΛΔΛΜ have crafted an album that takes you on the same journey as the protagonist of their concept. Twisting and turning in dream states, conscious of existence but the where, how and why? Lost to time. Hope blossoming only to be dashed in an instant. Is that the sun warming your face?

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There’s so much to love about this record, provided you’re looking for something to work the mind muscles. Sun is seven tracks of captivating weirdness that draws comparisons to the likes of Sleep, Kyuss, Alice in Chains and Soundgarden. Nowhere is that wonderful weirdness better exemplified then with the massive finale; the three phases of MONOLITH. Ambitious doesn’t cut it, ΛΔΛΜ are on another plane of existence when it comes to their writing.

While there are ‘rockier’ moments, for the most part Sun is all about sitting back and taking everything in. Stop whatever you’re doing, press play and be transported to a different existence. One where mellow post-melodies, grungy rock noise and unexpected but exciting psychedelia dominates. That it’s only about 36 minutes long means it’s hardly much effort at all and you will certainly be glad you did. Unless you already did back in August 2020. Lucky you!

ΛΔΛΜ – Sun Full Track Listing:

1. … And then there was Light
2. Super Silver Haze
3. Never Say Never
4. Enter: Oblivion
5. MONOLITH Phase #1: As Above
6. MONOLITH Phase #2: So Below
7. MONOLITH Phase #3: Eclipse




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ΛΔΛΜ - Sun (Venerate Industries)
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