A Beginner’s Guide to Gaming Cheats and Hacks

There’s a Distinct Possibility Hacking Enhances Gaming

To understand this, you’ll have to think outside the box a little bit. Or the cartridge. Or the disk. Or the downloaded file. In fact, think outside the concept of computational interactivity altogether. Games are, when you get right down to it, digital illusions. Remember the magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat? Well, 3D games aren’t 3D; that’s just an optical illusion.

It’s one that’s easy enough to realize; the screen on which the faux 3D world exists has no depth. Even the 3DS from Nintendo, though revolutionary, is still really just producing an illusion. What’s really going on is a number of subroutines, codes, copy-pasted software, and rendering engines are working in concert to produce outcomes based on your input.

When you understand that, you’ll know why certain things can make the game start to glitch out on you, and what can be done. You’ll also know immediately how to play certain games. Look at it this way. You understand the art of painting better if you know how to paint; even a little. Hacking is to games as learning how to paint is to appreciating visual art.

With that in mind, following we’ll briefly go over four tips to help you learn how to hack, and how to do so in a way that develops your capabilities as a gamer overall.

1. Familiarize Yourself with Traditional Cheats

Game designers will put in cheats where hitting the buttons a certain way may put you at the final level of the game. You might enter in a certain name on the scoreboard of a game and suddenly enter “God Mode”. Game designers partially do these things so they can expediently work on the game without being stuck navigating its varying levels.

Game designers also sometimes leave easter eggs in games only accessible through some sort of oblique, abstruse avenue requiring a hack. To appreciate their easter egg, you have to know how to do more than simply play the game.

2. Look Into Organic “Hacks” Built Around Technique

It has officially been recognized that playing as Oddjob in Goldeneye’s multiplayer arena is cheating. Though you’re not breaking the rules, there’s a “technique” hack built around that character. Owing to how the game has been made, he’s just about impossible to hit.
All games have opportunities to vex and overcome opponents through “technique” hacks like this. Find them. Master them. Use them.

3. Get Advice From the Pros on Legitimate Programming Hacks

Next, get into the software “nitty-gritty”, as it were. You can start by checking out these hacking tutorials by Guided Hacking. Even if you’re already a skilled programmer, there may be a few techniques you’ve missed; there’s always something to learn. It can take a while to learn such hacking until you master it, but you can do it, and you’ll have fun.

4. Compound Hack Capabilities With Friends

As you and your friends explore these techniques, you’ll find that you can apply them as a concerted group during online campaigns. Now, there may be ethical concerns here, but there’s also notable potential for fun. Just remember the lesson Tobey Maguire learned after some funky spider bit him in New York City: with great power comes great responsibility.

Being a More Well-Rounded Gamer

Becoming a good gamer is not easy – it requires a lot of knowledge and hard work. You need to know the best game characters and to practice a lot. However, gaming cheats and hacks might make it a bit easier to quickly rank higher. Classic hacks, technique hacks, those involving the actual code of games, and compounding your advantages by sharing techniques with other gamer friends represent key ways to master modern cheats.

Remember, there’s a time and place for everything; cheats aren’t always appropriate. That said, if you learn how to hack well, you’ll understand games better, and accordingly, you’ll find you appreciate them more.


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