5 Horror Movies that Involve Casinos

It seems like Hollywood and casinos go hand in hand. There are countless movies that involve scenes inside a casino and a large number where the casino is the main setting.

Usually, the casino setting is reserved for epic crime dramas like Scorsese’s 1995 Casino or comedies like The Hangover and The House.

One genre that certainly isn’t synonymous with the casino is horror. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any horror movies that feature casinos. In fact, there are probably more than you realize.

While they may not all be critically-acclaimed box office hits, if you love hitting the casino or playing online at allvideoslots.com, these movies might be worth checking out.

So, here’s a list of 5 horror movies that involve casinos.

The Haunted Casino / Dead Man’s Hand

As you can tell by the title, this one certainly features the casino quite heavily. The Haunted Casino or Dead Man’s hand, as it was titled originally, is a b-grade movie released in 2007.

The movie involves a casino where a bloody massacre took place, which is now haunted by the victims. These victims happened to be 1940 mobsters and now, in their undead form, are out for revenge.

This is all extremely unfortunate for the new owners who have inherited the establishment. The new owners are made to play the casino games to save themselves so the games also feature heavily as well as the casino setting itself.

With an official IMDB rating of 4/10, this one wasn’t well-received, and will be no surprise if even the most fanatic horror fans missed it.

The Leprechaun 3

The Leprechaun film series features a total of 8 movies. The original dates back to 1993 and features Jennifer Aniston in her movie debut as well as Warwick Davis as the title character, a murderous leprechaun.

The third movie is set in Las Vegas so, naturally, casinos are involved. The premise is that a pawn shop owner receives a leprechaun statue with a gold coin around his neck.

The shop owner is warned never to remove the leprechaun’s gold. Of course, he removes it and all hell breaks loose. The statue transforms into the murdering leprechaun who will do whatever it takes to retrieve his gold.

Overall, the Leprechaun 3 didn’t receive good reviews. The first movie in the franchise is the most popular and many people enjoy the black humor and campy vibe. With that being said, there have been multiple sequels so these movies must be doing something right.

Resident Evil: Extinction

Both gamers and horror movie enthusiasts will surely have heard of the long-running Resident Evil series. The games date back to 1996 and the first film adaptation was made in 2002.

The premise is a typical zombie style of story where flesh-eating zombies have overrun the city and our team of heroes is out to save the survivors while uncovering a sinister conspiracy along the way.

Extinction is the third movie of the franchise and is set in Las Vegas. Of course, it is in Vegas so casinos will be present and the gambling theme is there. However, in this post-apocalyptic world, the recognizable Vega strip is now abandoned and decrepit.

As with all Resident Evil films, this one is more of the same with a simple plot that you’ve seen multiple times before but there are some cool action sequences along the way.


This 2011 horror was based on Steven Nile’s comic of the same name. Like Resident Evil, the horror element of Remains comes from zombies in a post-apocalyptic America after the destruction of nuclear weapons goes badly wrong.

The movie is set in a fictional Reno casino where a group of casino employees and other survivors is holed up inside preparing the building for the zombie’s inevitable attack.

The casino is the setting for much of the movie so it certainly deserves its place on this list and the survivors do play some cards to pass the time so there is some actual gambling involved as well.

As far as horror movies go, Remains has been best described as “forgettable” with many viewers finding the horror element to be lacking.

Tzameti / 13

The original movie, Tzameti (the Georgian word for Thirteen), was released in 2005 and is a French-Georgian horror/thriller.

The movie revolves heavily around gambling and the game of Russian Roulette as an immigrant worker unwittingly gets himself involved in a twisted, life-threatening event.

This dark and shocking movie has been well-received and is worth watching. Thanks to the success of Tzameti, an English adaptation was also released called “13”.

13 does feature a well-known cast with the like of Jason Statham, Mickey Rourke, and Michael Shannon but the original remains the better movie.

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