20 Bands We’d Like to See Booked for Bloodstock 2019

As has become a GBHBL tradition, we like to throw out a few bands that we’d like to see play our favourite metal festival next year. It’s as much about bands we’d like to see booked as seeing how many we get right! This time last year we threw 10 bands out there that we’d have liked to see booked for Bloodstock 2018. You can read that article here but the short version is that we got one right, Nails who promptly pulled out. So of our ten that we wanted, zero ended up at the fest!

Since then we’ve discovered so many more bands, so many great bands and with Bloodstock willing to diversify the line-up it got us thinking. What 20 bands would we like to see end up on the 2019 bill?

Bloodstock 2019 1

Andrew W.K.

Bloodstock 2019 2

Let’s get the purists teeth gnashing and grinding straight away. As far as I seeing it if Alestorm, Fozzy and Mr Big can play and pull in some of the biggest crowds of the weekend then Andrew W.K. can too. His party feel-good rock might be a bit too Download for many but I think a late night slot in the Sophie tent or a Sunday afternoon on the main stage would be enjoyable fun. You can read our review of his latest album here.

While She Sleeps

Bloodstock 2019 3

Could While She Sleeps play Bloodstock? We think so.

If you look at the range of metalcore style bands that appeared this year, there is no good reason we can see as to why anyone would say they can’t. A short evening time set in the Sophie stage or early afternoon main stage show would surprise many a naysayer. You can read a review of their April 2017 London show here.


Bloodstock 2019 4

Bloodstock is making it a habit now of giving the under-card of rock & metal a leg up to headliner status and while Volbeat have no issue being top in Europe, the UK hasn’t quite got on board. Maybe Bloodstock could be the first? Their brand of rockabilly might be too light for some people but they always put on an incredible show. You can read our review of the last time we saw them in 2014 here.

Sick of it All

Bloodstock 2019 5

Hardcore punk legends, they’d do wonders with a short set on the main stage. Something to get the crowd bouncing. You can read our review of their EP, When the Smoke Clears here.

Harakiri for the Sky

Bloodstock 2019 6

The unique mix of heavy and melancholy that the post-black metallers bring would see them light up the likes of the Sophie stage. You can read our review of their latest album, Arson here and an interview here.

Dream Evil

Bloodstock 2019 7

Cheesy metal! It’s not like these kinds of bands are never booked for the festival. Imagine how much of a singalong ‘The Book of Heavy Metal’ would be!?

Dropkick Murphys

Bloodstock 2019 8

Ok, let’s have a bit more fun at Bloodstock. It’s not unusual to see these kinds of bands on the stage anymore so why not Dropkick Murphys? They have enough pedigree and history to really up the energy and fun factor. You can read our review of their latest album, 11 Short Stories of Pain & Glory here.


Bloodstock 2019 9


It’s bloody Abbath, what else do you need to know!? A legend in Immortal, his solo stuff has proven to be fantastic too! You can read our review of his latest self-titled album here.


Bloodstock 2019 10

They would absolutely kill it. High energy rock that is much of a singalong as it is a head banging effort. You can read our short review of their Metal Hammer Golden Gods show here.

Christ Dismembered

Bloodstock 2019 11

The Austrailian metal scene is growing and one of the shining lights are the black metal band Christ Dismembered. They would be perfect for Bloodstock and I could see them pulling in a huge crowd just out of curiosity if anything. You can read our review of their latest self-titled release, here as well as an interview here.

Alien Weaponry

Bloodstock 2019 12

Simple really. They smashed it this year on a smaller stage with a short set time so give them a bigger stage and even more time in 2019. Anyone that witnessed them play this year came away with the same thought, these lads are something special. You can read our review of their Bloodstock 2018 set here.

Carach Angren

Bloodstock 2019 13

Bloodstock needs a few bands willing to put on a bit of a show and the storytelling Carach Angren will certainly do that. Put them on late inside the Sophie tent and wow, this could be something really special. You can read our review of their latest album, Dance and Laugh Amongst the Rotten here.


Bloodstock 2019 14

With a new album that has once again blown the rock and metal world’s mind, Deafheaven would need a hefty chunk of time to really showcase their incredible talents but if given, they would not disappoint. You can read our review of their latest album, Ordinary Corrupt Human Love here.

Faith No More

Bloodstock 2019 15

Now we’re talking a headliner here. Faith No More. Why not? You know they would put on such a show and the last times they played live they were incredible! We think they would go down so well. You can read our review of the last London show here.

Mist of Misery

Bloodstock 2019 16

Let’s keep the black metal rolling but one with more melodic arrangements that make them stand out on the bill. A very talented band and their gothic misery would be such a treat. You can read our review of their latest EP, Fields of Isolation here.


Bloodstock 2019 17

We asked for the German blackened death/post metallers last year and it seems as though the only way we’re going to get to see this incredible band play live in the UK is if they play a festival so come on, Bloodstock! You can read our review of their full album, Ruinen here as well as an interview here.


Bloodstock 2019 18

Please? Pretty Please? Such an incredible level of talent and would transfix those who watch. Heavy female-fronted folk metal isn’t a description that does the band justice, they are so much more. You can read our review of their latest album, Katkyt here.


Bloodstock 2019 19

Releasing one of the best albums of 2018, Mol are getting noticed and for good reason. Impressive, is the understatement and they could do really well at Bloodstock. Supporting Ghost Bath at the end of the year shows just how far these guys have come already. Trust us, get on board. You can read our review of their album, Jord here.

Zeal & Ardor

Bloodstock 2019 20

I will be amazed if Zeal & Ardor don’t end up at Bloodstock 2019 either as a late night Sophie headliner or as a main stage showcase. Those doubting the metal credentials need only listen to Stranger Fruit to understand why there is so much buzz about them. You can read our review of that album here as well as our live review earlier this year here.


Bloodstock 2019 21

We asked for them last year and we didn’t get them so hopefully 2019 will see the unleashing of battle metal. A band that fits Bloodstock to a tee, the sight of thousands of face-painted metallers holding plastic swords high singing ‘we ride together’ is the stuff of memories. With a UK tour supporting Korpiklani at the start of 2018, it looks like the train might be beginning to pick up speed and if we get a new album in 2019, even better.


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