Why You Need A VPN, Even Though You Think You Don’t

Let’s start this article off with something obvious and that is just what exactly a VPN is and what they do. No doubt, you will have read and heard about them over the past few years. VPNs have risen in prominence and become more of a necessity to everyone who surfs the web these days.

VPN simply stands for virtual private network. When using one, an encrypted connection is created between your device and a remote server operated by a VPN service. Everything you now do online goes through this connection first, before hitting the more public areas of the interest, and vice versa.

This alone makes a VPN a necessity and there are plenty of choices out there, including many that offer a VPN deal. To go into more detail, a VPN can protect your online security, making browsing the internet and online purchases much safer. Everything you do online can be tracked by ISPs (Internet Service Providers). If you don’t want your activity to be monitored, you can use a VPN to block ISP tracking. Additionally, it allows you to circumvent region locks on content. Visit Earthweb and check out the best VPN deals that can block ISP tracking. Can’t access a service because it’s not available in your country? Move there, via a VPN.

A VPN makes it much harder for your identity and movements online to be tracked. Putting it simply, your privacy is much more protected should you use a VPN. Using our own website as an example – we run Google Ads that are tailored to your shopping and visiting habits elsewhere. Use a VPN and you won’t find those ads targeting you specifically anymore. It’s a small thing, but it’s something that matters.

It’s no secret that advertisers track you online and by using a VPN, your true IP address is hidden, and anyone watching you can only see the IP address of the VPN server. Your data is protected.

Pretty clever, right?

There are more benefits though. Benefits such as:

Making public Wi-Fi more secure.
Avoiding targeted bandwidth throttling.
Secure and fast file downloads.
Protecting from phishing attempts.
Accessing your local network from afar.
VPN access for mobile devices.
Blocking malware.

It’s not just about those benefits though. Most VPN providers have made accessing their networks both extremely easy. Once set-up with an account, it’s as simple as turning your VPN on or off. What might seem daunting at first, is actually really straight-forward.

Of course, the whole reason VPN’s have risen in prominence is because of the mistrust that has grown from tracking on the internet and the closing off of content by region. Which does mean you have be willing to trust a VPN to really get the most of out of them too.

Happily, every VPN provider knows this and all are going to great lengths to tell you that they are the most trustworthy. The safest way to know which is best for you is to read their polices and read reviews/testimonies. Remember, the most reliable people to tell you about something’s quality are the people using it.

As technology advances, companies and advertisers are becoming more sophisticated in their tracking efforts. They’re all becoming a lot more bullish and forthright in what they do. As technology advances, VPN providers are also becoming more innovative too, which means the user will also be getting the best service possible. It’s this advancement that makes having a VPN in the future, just as important as what they can offer right now.

A VPN won’t make you invincible online, but it can do a lot to help protect your privacy. Peace of mind when using the internet is a price well worth paying. You’ve heard so much about VPNs over the past few years, and now you know why you do need one, even if you think you don’t.


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