Video Premiere: No Coffin – Over (Portishead Cover)

Prepare for the second beating from No Coffin, who live up to their namesake with this new material as it will annihilate your body and leave you half buried in the woods, no embalming or encasing necessary! All Life Must End will release digitally on September 10th with a run of cassettes to be announced. You will hear four life threatening tracks of genre smashing thrash hardcore sludge crossover including a dirge sludge metal cover of Over by triphop legends Portishead, a track sure to make this EP a curiosity among fans of various genres.

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You can check out the video for Over below:

The release of this EP on the 10th of September coincides with a ripping three days of shows from the 9th to the 11th!

Meet No Coffin, or don’t meet them, if you’d rather experience a sensation of safety as this emerging thrash crossover band is entirely hostile and makes music that reflects that. Be ready to get knocked around by this trio who specialises in bleeding across heavy genres, incorporating the speed and grit of metal genres like thrash and sludge as well as clearly showing their hard stomping roots in the South Floridian hardcore scene.

Not only is the music heavy as hell but the themes are as well – tying in their artwork, lyrics and music videos to create a visceral and violent aesthetic. No Coffin make dangerous music for a dangerous world, keep your head on a fucking swivel, especially if you’re experiencing these guys in a moshpit.

Kicking off with their debut EP Ugly, Broke, Decayed in 2020 it was immediately obvious that the band had a knack for making brutal but groovy music, and now with the latest release All Life Must End, they’ve further established their misanthropic style. No Coffin have also cemented their general old school inspired aesthetic of cassette tapes and bussing around for even the whiff of a live show to dominate.


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