Top 7 Amazing Video Games Based On Movies

Are you fond of playing games and enjoy some movies? Find your favorite one in the list of TOP movie-based games here!

Watching movies is a kind of ordinary leisure activity. Sure that each reader has at least one favorite movie that he/she watched a few times at least.

If you enjoy gaming as well, there is good news for you. It may be possible to extend the pleasure from the movie you like by playing a game based on this film. Hope gamers will recognize their favorite movies among the suggestions listed below…or choose some new interesting option among probably the best video games based on movies ever.

How to Find More Information about Movies and Games

If you are going anywhere and occasionally see some information about an interesting movie or game, never skip it. Even if you don’t have an opportunity to make an Internet search because the connection is absent or the information you have seen is not in a textual form, scan this helpful info for future reference at ease.

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TOP 7 Movie-Based Video Games to Know and Try

Have you ever heard about these movie based video games? Here is a list of the TOP 7 suggestions:

1. Goldeneye 007

Do you like the stories about James Bond? And what about being a Bond? Nintendo has introduced the video game Goldeneye 007 for this purpose.

The game has a decent storyline and pretty good gameplay. You will get a variety of weapons and lots of opportunities for engaging combating. The graphics of this game could be better but the option delivers a good gaming experience in general.

2. Spiderman 2

This is the kind of thing that fans totally enjoy. Treyarch’s Spiderman 2 offers decent graphics, engaging missions, and remarkable gameplay that help gamers to appear in Peter Parker’s shoes.

The game opens lots of opportunities to explore New York City, do some superhero tricks, and combat evildoers. This game also has amazing music that evokes heroism.

3. X-Men Origins: Wolverine

This game is equally engaging as an original movie. The option provides an opportunity for engaging gameplay, the best movie tie-ins, and introduces some gorgeous puzzle-solving elements.

The game is good as it expands the most engaging story elements. It will enable a gamer to travel across different locations and facilities. You will meet aggressive enemies who want to defeat you. Heavy attacks and combos are guaranteed. It is possible to say even more – if you were disappointed with the film introduced in 2009, the games will pleasantly surprise you.

4. Mad Max

This game is based on the respective movie. This option introduces an engaging setting and epic battles. If you decide to play this game, you can go through different locations and have various engaging activities.
The game has a really deep narrative that is explored in different landscapes. The battles that took place here are truly violent, just like in the original film. The challenge of the game nearly never decreases. So, if you enjoy some thrilling plot, try this game for sure.

5. Aladdin

This is one of the most popular Disney-based games introduced in 1995. The game opens amazing locations with pretty good graphics, like the Cave of Wonders and the royal palace. The adventures of the main hero are diverse and take place in different locations in fact. Lots of enemies are waiting for the main hero. And he can combat them by applying different forms of attacks in the game. Some funny moments, like carpet flying scenarios, are introduced as well.

6. King Kong

This game provides the opportunity for a dangerous and fantastic adventure at the same time. The gameplay is associated with Skull Island mostly. But, a gamer will also have a chance to appear at the top of the Empire State Building as well.

7. Batman

This is an engaging game that will make you forget about your daily routine. The game is based on an interesting plot and introduces a number of locations to combat well. All these scenes are based on martial arts. Lots of evildoers will make the experience more challenging. Thrilling music supports the scenario.

Final Words

If you are fond of some movies, there is an opportunity to extend the joy by playing games based on movies. Save a helpful list of suggestions provided here for future reference. Have you seen any images about the movie or game that interests you? Use an image scanner to fix the info and use it for your future search.


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