Top 10 Resident Evil Series Moments

(I have to say I could have easily done a top 20 list & I have left some great moments but these are my definite 10)

10 – Resident Evil 5: Final battle with Wesker.


It speaks volumes for the series as a whole that this is only entry from Resident Evil 5 onwards. I wasn’t even sure if I should include this one but the finality of the whole thing convinced me. Taking the series to a new level of make-believe the final battle in the game sees Chris face off against Wesker in an active volcano. It involves a lot of running & stressing at Sheva to get the hell out of the way. Like all Resident Evil’s before, it ends in one way…a missile to the face. The end of Wesker? Never say never…

9 – Resident Evil remake: Meeting Lisa Trevor.


Not only did the beautiful remake improve on almost every aspect of the original game it also introduced us to some new areas & a new enemy called Lisa Trevor. Lisa’s mournful howl & deformities will disturb but soon pity is all you will feel. Why are her hands manacled? As the game progresses & you explore more of Lisa’s past you will feel genuine sorrow for her plight, even if she can kill you easily.

8 – Resident Evil 3: Nemesis just keeps following!


Who else shit a brick the first time Nemesis came crashing through a wall following us through one area to the next all the wall repeating the word “stars”. The sure fire way of escaping from a tough Resident Evil enemy was always to go through a door nearby but not now…he follows & always at the times you wished he wouldn’t. Too many times I’ve been dragging Jill’s limping ass along as he methodically gained on me.

7 – Resident Evil: Meet the hunter.


So you’ve just had a pretty tough time in the guardhouse area dealing with sharks, deformed plants, killer wasps & a load of dogs. You have the helmet key & are making your way back towards the mansion. You know what to expect here, lots of zombies, most of which you killed already. As you arrive back inside & make your way down the corridor a cut-scene begins. What the hell is this thing racing along the same route I’ve taken? It’s heading towards me…the door opens & it appears to be a green gorilla. You aim your shotgun as it suddenly dashes forward & slashes you. 1 shot it falls backwards…as it gets up you ready your next shot & watch in dismay as it leaps with a grunt & slashes you down your chest follow up with another slash to the legs – suddenly your health is in danger.

6 – Resident Evil: Tyrant battle.


You had but a taste of what the Tyrant offered, he went down easily especially if you kept some Colt Python bullets back but here on the roof with a 5 minute counter he was a different story. Running & slashing its all you can do to dodge let alone fight back. As the timer runs down it all looks oh so desperate until the pilot drops the infamous rocket launcher & suddenly the tables has turned. Still a massive thrill pulling that trigger…

5 – Resident Evil: Code Veronica: Arrival at the house on the hill.

RE House

I was so looking forward to meeting the mysterious Alexia Ashford…everything I had seen so far had led me to expect a wack-job of the highest order. As I ran across the bridge the camera panned up to show a house far up in the hills & a chilling high-pitched laugh as the thunder rolled. Once inside the first sight that greeted me was a pair of feet hanging. I thought it was a dead body until I made my way up the stairs to see an eerie statue suspended in mid-air. As I climbed higher the spooky music added to my trepidation & when I eventually discovered the playrooms high up I was officially freaked out! But there was more to come…

4 – Resident Evil 4: Cabin siege!


The game starts of nice & slow introducing you to a totally new way of playing. Your first place of arrival is a lone cabin, it looks empty but turns out to house your very first Gando. Dispatch him & it all goes off with the cabin quickly surrounded & no clear way out for Leon. This was the first experience in Resi 4 of the over-whelming numbers that will attack you at once & it was terrifying!

3 – Resident Evil: Dogs through the window.


A couple of zombies dispatched, a nice long corridor to see al the way down. Looks safe enough…of we go. Then it happens, the window smashes & a zombie dog races towards you followed by another. Dogs were a challenge to dispatch, it was all about making sure they never got close enough & this introduction set up future encounters well.

2 – Resident Evil 2: The licker that crawls past the window.


Just before you actually battle the first Licker you are in a nice safe room, as you turn down towards the next door you get a fleeting glimpse of something as it crawls past the window. What the hell was that!?

1 – Resident Evil: The first zombie you meet.

Resident Evil Zombie

The moment it all started really. You have made it to the mansion & gone off to explore a little bit. Go through the dining room & into the corridor afterwards, the camera angle is dodgy & you cant see what is beyond but you have to go that way. Oh…that guy appears to be dead…his head just fell off. The guy munching on him seems to be moving though. It was that slow head turn as the zombie realised you were there resulting in your first battle with the shambling ones. It was epic & it hasn’t ever been matched.


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