Top 10 Metallica Songs Post …And Justice For All

This is an article written in a moment of fury, you see the legendary Metallica aired a brand new track called Lords of the Summer on Sunday, March 16th live in Columbia. Obviously the footage found its way online & while the quality wasn’t great, it did give everyone a taste of new Metallica material & it was good.

I shouldn’t have clicked on the 712 comments on the Facebook page…I should have known better but I did…

So in response to all the twats who say the same old shit every time about Metallica (sold out, rubbish since Mustaine left, no good music since …And Justice, Lars is a prick etc.) this is a top 10 of Metallica songs post …And Justice For All.

10 – Better Than You (Reload)

Man, this a song that takes me back to being a teen…Load/Reload were a big part of growing up so holds a fuck load of memories for me. I always loved how sleazy this song sounded & it was real call to arms for a confidence lacking teen such as myself.

9 – The Day That Never Comes (Death Magnetic)

Death Magnetic has its fair share of hits & this is easily one of the best on the album. Combining everything that makes Metallica great (thrashy at times, slow at others, riffs-a-plenty & great vocal work from Het) it’s a song that never feels its 8 mins length.

8 – Mama Said (Load)

James Hetfield sitting in the back of the car singing away is one of the most iconic Metallica 90’s memories for any fan. It was a very personal look at the band & the singer at the time but also happened to just be a killer song.

7 – Don’t Thread On Me (Metallica)

Even now when I hear that opening I just want to lose my shit, it is so good. The song just goes from strength to strength & has one of Metallica’s catchiest choruses to date.

6 – The Judas Kiss (Death Magnetic)

The ‘trash’ song of Death Magnetic & easily the best song the entire album, it just doesn’t let up. This was Metallica answering their critics you claimed they didn’t know what thrash was anymore.

5 – The Memory Remains (Reload)

Another one from my teen years…I fell in love with the lyrics at first & that catchy-ass chorus. One of the all-time favourite Metallica memories is being in Wembley Stadium singing alongside 10’s of thousands of others to this.

4 – King Nothing (Load)

“Where’s Your Crown?” The best song on Load unsurprisingly is one of the freshest. Catchy, well-written & relatable. Whoever says Metallica couldn’t write songs after …And Justice really needs to open their ears.

3 – The Unforgiven (Metallica)

Still considered one of Metallica’s best songs The Unforgiven is a band hitting gold with their musical writing. It has one of the most memorable riffs in the Metallica history & is filled with bundles of melody.

2 – Fuel (Reload)

Lyrically it’s a dumb song but beyond that it is such a head-banger of a tune. It doesn’t let up for a second & manages to showcase that fast cars/fast-living thing they were trying to portray perfectly.

1 – Wherever I May Roam (Metallica)

This is my favourite Metallica song outside of the first 4 albums, it is often over-looked but is surprisingly heavy with some really great vocal effects. Whenever I listen to it I feel like I’m listening to an epic tale.

So there is my 10 songs….what are yours?


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