Top 10: Horror Movies of 2018

We live in a time in which the general consensus is that there is little originality or innovation left in the horror genre. However, I’m here to give you 10 examples that prove otherwise. 2018 has delivered some fine examples that go to show that there is still hope. This is the top 10 best horror movies of 2018.

10 – Secret Santa 

A well told story that cleverly drops in hints throughout for what will take place. With some great gore and some down-right hilarious moments. If you like your Christmas horror to be brutal, funny in a twisted way and well-acted then Secret Santa will certainly hit the mark. Check out our full review here.

09 – Terrifier

All Hallows Eve, released in 2013 introduced us to Art the Clown, a homicidal clown. An average anthology, it was the violent & psychotic killer that stood out. Seemingly aware of that, writer and director Damien Leone has taken the character & based an entire film around him. Terrifier puts the maniac front and centre in a slasher horror that bucks the modern trend by being very entertaining.

Art the Clown is a modern-day horror figure that few will forget once they’ve seen. Forget Pennywise, there’s a new clown in town & he wants to play…with your blood and guts. Check out our full review here.

08 – The Amityville Murders

It’s a miracle. An absolute miracle. After having suffered through so many terrible Amityville sequels and spinoffs, we have here the 21st Amityville movie and the first in a long time that actually directly relates to the infamous house. However, unlike most of the films, this one chooses to focus on the true horror that took place in the house.

The Amityville Murders tells this story while adding in subtle nods to the potential supernatural elements that have defined the infamous house. This film isn’t offering anything new or fresh in regards to the DeFeo story but what it does is take everything known and combines it to create an interesting look at a horrific crime.

If you’ve been turned off Amityville because of the terrible number of sequels and spinoffs go watch this film. It will renew your faith and serves as a reminder that the TRUE horror of 112 Ocean Avenue should never be forgotten. Check out our full review here.

07 – Hereditary

For whatever reason, it has become trendy to hate on this film. It was hyped as one of the scariest movies ever made. I can tell you here and now, it doesn’t live up to that and it never could. However, it’s still a fantastic piece of horror. Toni Collette deserves an Oscar for her intense performance. It may not deliver on the scares but it’s immensely unsettling and visually impressive. I might just be a sucker for arthouse horror but this stuck with me. Check out our full review here.

06 – Upgrade

This movie proved how underutilised the sci-fi horror genre is. The only film that springs to mind when I think of comparisons is Robocop. If you’re looking for something that it’s much more action orientated then look no further. Check out our full review here.

05 – Annihilation

I’m still as deeply fascinated by this film as I was when I first saw it. Alex Garland proves once again that he is something special. Natalie Portman delivers a tremendous performance. The soundtrack is memorable and unique. Also, who could forget that damn creepy scene with the mutated bear? There’s something about Annihilation, it gets inside your head and won’t allow you to forget it anytime soon. Check out our full review here.

04 – Halloween

Halloween is a love letter to the original, filled with fan-service moments that will have you bouncing up and down in your seat. It’s smart, violent and tense…everything you could ever have wanted from a sequel. Michael Myers hasn’t been scary for nearly 40 years but the shape is back and he has lost none of his blood-lust.

The overwhelming feeling that comes from viewing this new Halloween is one of satisfaction. Even the music, a mix of the classic tunes and modern, fresher variations will put a silly smile on faces. Horror fans will love it…Halloween fans will love it. Check out our full review here.

03 – Incident in Ghostland (Ghostland)

This film really took me by surprise. We’ve seen home invasion films done to death but none have come close to the quality of this. Stunning performances, heart wrenching twists & horror that is as real as it gets. Few movies get the illustrious 10/10 score on GBHBL but this is as deserving as any of them. Check out our full review by here.

02 – The Night Eats the World

Can you bloody believe it? Not just a good modern zombie flick but possibly one of the best for a very long time. The Night Eats the World is an emotionally captivating and often terrifying movie based off French novelist Pit Agarmen’s La Nuit a Dévoré le Monde.

Directed by Dominique Rocher and starring Anders Danielsen Lie, it tells the story of one man’s isolation in a Parisian apartment block during a zombie outbreak. Check out our full review here.

01 – Mandy

If there is one film on this list that you go out of your way to watch, make it Mandy. There is no finer example of the perfect combination of art & horror. At the very centre is one hell of a performance from Nicolas Cage. It’s a little slow to get going but when it does, it is relentless. In my opinion, it is the best horror movie of 2018. Check out our full review here.


A Quiet Place


The Clovehitch Killer


There you have it, those are the best horror movies of 2018!


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