Top 10 Achievements in Duke Nukem: Time to Kill (if only)

Time to Kill was a surprising entry in the Duke Nukem series as it moved Duke into the 3rd person perspective & copied many elements of Tomb Raider specifically with controls.

What it did keep though was an interesting & fun story with all the trademark Duke one-liners & adult humour. I’m a big fan of the game & it holds up a hell of a lot better than Duke Nukem Forever!

If it was re-made now this would be my top 10 achievements that should be included!

10 – Do we have time for this!? – Tip the strippers for at least 10 minutes.


Across the entire game every time you meet a stripper you have to interact with them until you reach 10 minutes in total.

9 – Get off our planet! – Beat the game.


Easy enough…on any difficulty just beat the final boss & see the end credits!

8 – Just flyin’ & killin’ – Kill 10 enemies while using the jetpack.


At certain points in the game you can get Jetpacks that last for a limited time. Managing the fuel & getting 10 kills will require some effort. Not including how tough it is to aim & kill while using the jetpack.

7 – Danger Close – Blow Duke & at least 1 alien up at the same time.


Easily done with the RPG…just get in nice & close & pull the trigger. Both Duke & the alien must be reduced to chunks though!

6 – A kick up the ass – Kill 50 aliens with the might boot.

Mighty Boot

A tough one as Duke’s boot is hardly the toughest of weapons. Something that will be easier done in the early levels. To add more difficulty to it your mighty boot kills will only count once you’ve hit a checkpoint.

5 – Get off our planet, please. – Beat the game on the hardest difficulty.


A nice challenge that shouldn’t be too tough for careful players. Less about running & gunning & more about ducking & hiding. Finding secret weapons early on will be hugely beneficial for this mode.

4 – Oh, look! – Find every secret in the game.

Duke Secret

Each level has a number of secrets & some even have a stopwatch that transports you to a sort-of mini-game. Some of them are fiendishly difficult to find but are almost always worth it with huge health upgrades & finding weapons earlier then you would normally.

3 – Nooooo! The babes! – Kill every stripper you come across in the game.

Kill Strippers

Not only does this go against everything Duke stands for it also causes more enemies to spawn in. If you do manage to fight off the extra enemies then that feeling of guilt never goes away.

2 – Unkillable – Beat the game without dying once. (Normal or above)

Duke Unkillable

No cop-put trying to put it on the easiest difficulty…no there has to be some sort of challenge at least. Not dying in Duke Nukem: TTK is a toughie as it forces you to think about how you use explosives & were you’re jumping too.

1 – Guns are forever – Beat the game using just the pistol & explosives.


A jokey take on the 2 weapon system from Duke Nukem Forever. The pistol should serve it’s purpose through most of the game but against bosses & tougher sections explosives are necessary. Explosives do include RPG’s just to make it a little bit easier.


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