Top 10 Achievements in Discworld II: (Mortality Bites) Missing, Presumed..!? (If Only)

Being a point & click story driven game finding 10 potential achievements for this was actually quite difficult. Almost all would be story related as there is little deviation off the main storyline path.

Still…here are 10 achievements that could totally be included in one of the best point & click games ever.

10: Complete the rite of Ashkente.

Rite of AshKente

Act 1 of the game sees you gathering ingredients to summon Death or better known as the rite of Ashkente. A story related achievement that really sees you getting to know Ankh-Morpork & some of its famous faces.

9: Get through a conversation with Mrs Cake.

Mrs Cake

Ah Mrs Cake…the medium who already knows your answers before you have a chance to say them. Talking to her will give you a headache & you’ll have to pick your questions carefully.

8: Wake Granny Weatherwax up.

I Aten't Dead

Notice that witch lying on a slab in the Mortuary? The one with the ‘I Aten’t Dead’ sigh hanging from her neck? Well that is the infamous Granny Weatherwax & she has gone borrowing. It’s not as simple as just shaking her awake…

7: Die.

Dead C

Yep…time to prove to the dead collector that you are officially dead.

6: Welcome to Holywood.


Holywood is where stars are made & dreams are destroyed. The sinister reality behind Holywood is not apparent at first but look closer.

5: Take a picture of real beauty.

Stone Circle

The only true beauty is the Queen of Elves but there is no chance of you getting close enough to take a picture. The elves of Discworld are an arrogant & cruel bunch of creatures that will leave you wishing you were dead. The trick here is to convince her that you’re something she has been looking for.

4: Death becomes him.


Become the personification of Death…someone has to reap the harvest of souls.

3: Defeat Queen Kong.

Queen Kong

The final part of the game & boss, so to speak. Queen Kong is a terrible foe if you don’t have the ‘bladders’ to handle it!

2: Beat the game.


Simple enough…get to the credits.

1: Beat the game in less than 90 minutes.


Speed runs have been done in 40 minutes so 90 is incredible generous but you’ll still need to know where you’re going & be quick bout it.


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