The Disc’s Top 50 Albums of 2016 – Part Three: 30 – 21

Welcome to part three of The Disc’s top 50 albums of 2016. Its been a fantastic year for rock & metal with so many good releases from both established & up & coming bands. Part three covers numbers 30 to 21. Enjoy!

30: Superjoint – Caught up in the Gears of Application


The return of Superjoint comes with some of Anselmo’s most brutal sounding vocals in a long time. Disjointed but very listenable, it’s a return that is most welcome!

You can read our full review of the album here.

29: Volbeat – Seal the Deal…and Let’s Boogie


While being the most accessible of Volbeat records, Seal the Deal also happens to have some of the best Volbeat riffs & choruses of their careers. It’s an incredible rock & roll album.

You can read our full review of the album here.

28: Architects – All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us


The hardcore/metal band deliver their most intense album to date. Filled to the brim with un-adulterated melody & metal, its proof that Architects are a band with a future.

27: The King is Blind – Our Father


Going from strength to strength, The King is Blind dropped an absolute rager of an album that beats you over the head with its intense heaviness.

26: Fleshgod Apocalypse – King


The clever & interesting sounds that back up the mind-numbingly awesome metal here is what makes King standout from the pack. Layered music that sticks for ages in your mind.

You can read our full review of the album here.

25: Maladie – Symptoms


Mixing traditional black & death metal with an abundance of classical instruments, this album is an impressive piece of work. The saxophone doesn’t lend itself to metal but Maladie makes it work!

You can read our full review of the album here.

24: Venom Prison – Animus

Venom Prison.jpg

Brutal, uncompromising, a non-stop sonic assault…however you want to describe Animus it all amounts to the same thing. A take no prisoners approach to metal & it’s a joy to hear.

23: Harakiri for the Sky – III: Trauma


A sonic journey that draws much parallels with the likes of Deafheaven. Its sweeping melodies combined with hard-hitting metal will have you salivating for more.

22: Trap Them – Crown Feral


Short, sharp bursts of adrenaline fuelled metal, the intensity of Crown Feral never lets up for even a second.

You can read our full review of the album here.

21: Avenged Sevenfold – The Stage

Avenged Sevenfold.jpg

The most grandiose piece of metal from the band to date, it captures the imagination as well as challenging the mind. The 15+ minute finale is a testament to how far Avenged have come.

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