Ten Bands You Must Check Out At Incineration Fest 2019!

This weekend Incineration Fest makes its return to Camden Town in London. For what is the festivals 6th edition and with arguably its most exciting line-up yet. Find out more about the event here.

It’s a hell of a wide array of bands and with stages times having been announced we thought we’d take a look at some of the bands we think you should be checking out if you’re there. We will be!

Incineration Fest 1

Mechanized Dirge

One of the bright sparks in the UK underground extreme metal scene, Mechanized Dirge will be taking to the stage inside The Black Heart at 2:15PM. Promising 30 minutes of the loudest and most intense noise you’re going to hear all day in Camden.


Surely a British band that needs no introduction, the atmospheric black metallers are incredibly important and influential to the scene as a whole. Hitting up the Electric Ballroom at 2:40, don’t miss one of the best.

Red Method

Rising from the ashes of The Defiled and Metastasis comes Red Method. Their unique flavour of metal has been taking the country by storm and you can guarantee they will leave no-one standing come 3:15PM in the Black Heart.

Master’s Call

Relentless blackened death metal conjured from chaos and horror, enriched by anthemic darkness. The Black Heart gets…blacker come 4:05PM.


Incite – who feature Richie Cavalera (stepson of Soulfly’s Max) amongst their ranks – will be looking to cause chaos come 4:15PM in the Underworld. Sure to be a noisy and violent affair.


Trivax is an Extreme Metal band which was originally formed in Iran inside the walls of an underground territory to stay away from the laws and restrictions against metal. Currently active in Birmingham UK the home of metal, the band seeks nothing but retribution, liberation and chaos! Do not miss this band as they bring the extreme at 5:00PM in the Black Heart.

Carpathian Forest

The legendary black metal band will pour their hate, scorn and ugly sound from the Electric Ballroom at 5:15PM and it’s likely to be one of the biggest crowds of the entire day.


It doesn’t get much more extreme then Septicflesh, the iconic Greek death metallers having proved to be a mainstay of the scene for almost 30 years. They’re in the Electric Ballroom at 6:50PM so be prepared to be deafened.

Sodomized Cadaver

UK based death metal, the name alone should tell you exactly what you’re going to be experiencing come 8:50PM in the Black Heart. Not for the fainted-hearted.


The legendary Norwegian black metal band are headlining the Electric Ballroom taking to the stage at 8:30PM. Their infamous history hasn’t stopped them from becoming a force in extreme music and every fan of the heavier stuff should be able to say they saw Mayhem at least once.