Ten Bands We’re Most Excited To See At Bloodstock 2022

It’s that time again! Yes, Bloodstock 2022 is next week and we couldn’t be more excited. This year’s line-up is incredibly strong across all stages, so much so that narrowing our top picks for bands we’re most excited to see, to just ten, seemed impossible. Yet, here we are. Three of our team; Carl, Brendan and Dan have had a go. Enjoy Bloodstock 2022 and we’ll see you in the pit!

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10 – Carl – Red Method

Red Method have been killing it as of late and this slot on the main stage feels more thsn deserved. There’s a paltable sense that this is going to be one of those ‘where you there?’ moments as there’s no doubting Red Method are going to absolutely kill it.

10 – Brendan – FyreSky

The Kent M2TM winners are a fantastically talented and charismatic band. They are a band we have seen grow over the years from an intriguing but raw prospect to now a marvellously entertaining and exciting powerhouse on a big upward trajectory. This show should help them kick on even more. They are nice people, hard working and very deserving of this slot and the attention they hopefully draw onto themselves from playing here. I’ll be there to cheer them on.

10 – Dan – Bloodywood

This is more of just an “interest” thing, more than anything. When they were announced at the end of Bloodstock 2021 I took a quick listen and thought they were really interesting. I really love when international bands include their culture’s sound into metal, and so I think they’ll be a really interesting band.

9 – Carl – Nanowar of Steel

This is going to be so much fun. Amusing, entertaining and with the rock and metal tunes to back up the silliness. Nanowar of Steel might be the band I am most entertained by over the entire weekend!

9 – Brendan – Malevolence

Malevolence played at Bloodstock last year and I didn’t go to see them. I wasn’t that into them, and also hadn’t dedicate much time in trying to be as I found myself turned off by a lot of people telling me I should love them. I avoided them, and then regretted missing them as I became a fan over the year since the last Bloodstock. I am lucky and grateful that I get to see them this time around and don’t have to wait very long to correct my mistake.

9 – Dan – Lorna Shore

This is once again a bit of a “I might as well.” Deathcore is not really my vibe at the end of the day, but I know that these guys are a good band. I’m hoping they’ll bring some heaviness to the main stage on that Saturday.

8 – Carl – FyreSky

FyreSky have worked for this and there’s no doubting the fact that they will pull out all the stops when they hit the New Blood stage. Their brand of gothic rock is something different and will pull in the numbers as people fancy a break from the breakdowns. It also helps that their music is bloody great.

8 – Brendan – Nanowar of Steel

An interesting band, Nanowar of Steel are a bunch I know through a handful of their singles. I like the comedic edge, intelligent comedy often too but I also think they are very talented musically. This could go two ways though, if they come out and play a 5 or 6 song set of tracks I have never heard, I may enjoy it, I may not. Or they could come out and smash out all the singles I and many others know and it could be the ultimate party set. I cant wait to find out.

8 – Dan – Bury Tomorrow

I used to love Bury Tomorrow, sadly they’ve become a little stale for my ever-changing taste as I move away from the sounds of metalcore, and more into the spaces of beatdown and hardcore.

In any case, I will still be happy to see them, I’m not sure how the Bloodstock crowd will react to the likes of the clean sung choruses but they’ll be good either way.

7 – Carl – Orbit Culture

A bucket list band for me. I’ve enjoyed Orbit Culture a lot over the years and to my knowledge, haven’t seen them live so this is the chance to rectify that! I’m expecting a lot of heart, soul and energy!

7 – Brendan – Red Method

These guys are the best. Musically crushing and deeply intense but also just the nicest guys, I am so pleased to see them on that main stage. They work really hard and definitely deserve every success. They are sure to wake the festival up and get the adrenaline flowing as they continue to charge up the ranks.

7 – Dan – Pupil Slicer

Some proper heavy, noisy, mathcore. Playing on the Sophie Stage pretty much first thing on the Saturday. Very excited to see this, it’ll get people moving for the rest of the day, it’s funny because the next band is actually going after Pupil Slicer on the same stage.

6 – Carl – Cattle Decapitation

Meaty and mean. I don’t have the same love for this band as Brendan does but his enthusiasm for them often spreads to me and makes me even more excited to see them. Considering how many times COVID has scuppered our chance to see them live, it’s going to be very cathartic.

6 – Brendan – Mastiff

Mastiff are a band I like a lot and respect a lot but something has just never pushed me over into the “I love these guys” camp. I really want to be there though and am hoping, and believe, that, as I have never seen them live, that may be the turning point. So I am really excited to see what I know to be a talented band and hopefully I come out truly on board the Mastiff train.

6 – Dan – Cage Fight

Really like them, very much a ‘throw down for 30 minutes’ sort of band, I expect them to be heavier, and angrier live and I’m totally cool with that.

5 – Carl – Pupil Slicer

Holy shit, Pupil Slicer are one of the most exciting modern bands and their set is going to one of the most talked about of the weekend. The only reason they’re not higher on this list is because I am seeing them support Ithaca the week before. Regardless, it’s Pupil Slicer and I will never get sick of them.

5 – Brendan – Gwar

These guys are fun, messy and also truly talented musicians. I really like GWAR. I loved them as a youth, enjoying the comedy aspect and, as I got older, I came to appreciate them for so much more than just the comedy. Still, the comedy is important and I think this live show could be a truly memorable one for the Bloodstock fans – full of laughter, headbanging and probably sticky substances.

5 – Dan – Blood Youth

Haven’t seen these guys in a while, they’ve always been great and they’re just a good band. Nothing crazy, they just do good metalcore, and sometimes that’s all you need.

4 – Carl – I Fight Bears

What a phenomenal rise it’s been for I Fight Bears this year, the new EP slayed and they beat tough competition in the South Wales MT2Ms. Leading to this, a much deserved spot at Bloodstock. I’m expecting good things and I know they won’t disappoint.

4 – Brendan – Behemoth

Well it’s Behemoth so “yay”. I love me some Behemoth and I am really looking forwards to seeing them headline. I hope they really bring it, a full on memorable black metal show that blows everyone’s minds. I’m pretty sure I have never seen them before. I certainly haven’t seen them headline but know they are a powerhouse, and experienced – I am expecting big things.

4 – Dan – Heriot

Big noisy hardcore, very excited to see these guys as they’re super cool. I like the melodic elements they introduce but also the very hardcore-esque side of things they do.

3 – Carl – Avatar

It’s been a couple of years since I’ve seen Avatar in the flesh, and the fact that they are playing the Sophie Lancaster stage is all the more intriguing. This is a band who don’t put on bad shows so quality is assured. Seeing them with Brendan, who happens to be an even bigger fan than I, makes it all the sweeter.

3 – Brendan – Dark Tranquillity

I am a big fan of the Swedish melodeath pioneers. I had never seem live them until a show a few months back and all that did is reinforce just how awesome they are, even more so live. So seeing them a few months back has only excited me even more now to see them again. As the Thursday night headliner, they couldn’t be better placed for getting the party started and the festival truly underway.

3 – Dan – Malevolence

Really strong band, they’ve got a new album out now, so it will be good to see if they play some more material from that. Last time they played on the main stage and I’m slightly worried about how packed that Sophie tent is going to get.

2 – Carl – Heriot

Watch out, Heriot are going to be absolutely massive and this Bloodstock set is just going to confirm that. Expect noise, expect intensity, expect to be wowed.

2 – Brendan – Avatar

So I couldn’t split my top two for so long, even marking these and the next band as joint 1st for a while before stopping myself cheating. I love Avatar, I have done for a few years now and they have become a bit of a family band as such. Avatar Ages live streams are as close as I have come to seeing them live with, again that dreaded virus putting delays and the like across planned shows, so I am over the moon to finally get to see them here. It will be amazing.

2 – Dan – Sleep Token

One of my all time favourite bands, super excited to see them. Interested to see how Bloodstock crowd will look at them based on their reactions to Wargasm and Parkway Drive.

1 – Carl – Mastiff

If you’re struggling to wake up Saturday morning and coffee just isn’t doing it, get along to the Sophie stage and check out Mastiff. They will wake you up. One of the best bands in the country, I simply can’t wait to hear the new songs played live!

1 – Brendan – Cattle Decapitation

I fell in love with these guys around the Death Atlas era, being more of an intermittent fan beforehand. I think they are a phenomenal band, superbly heavy yet intelligent and creative. I have wanted to see them for ages, a real bucket list band, but Covid put a stop to any planned shows I intended to go to. Now, fingers crossed, I finally get to see them and I think it is going to be a beautiful and brutal moment.

1 – Dan – Guilt Trip

Absolutely in love with this band at the moment, super stoked to see them as their album river of lies is very good and I’ve never seen them before!