Single Slam – Wish You Were Dead by Lost Division

Out on the 29th of May via Inverse Records, Finnish hard rockers, Lost Division, have released their very first official single. That single is titled, Wish You Were Dead.

Wish You Were Dead is a two track single featuring the title track and a song called In Memoriam. Lost Division hail from a country with a huge history in providing quality music in Finland. They play hard rock but with a metallic twist. Intriguingly, Lost Division are not in the game to try to spread joy or make the world a better place. Instead they are just here to reconfirm that sometimes life is fucked up, shit happens. Deal with it and move on.

Lost Division are a five piece with Teija Lämpsä on vocals and Jaakko Korpi on lead guitars. Rhythm guitars are in the hands of Antti Ovaska and the bass is with Mikael Luukela. Finally, on drums is Juha-Matti Sipola.

Lost Division

Specifically talking about Wish You Were Dead, the band released the following statement – “What do you do when you always seem to be surrounded by people who cannot be trusted? What do you do when you lose everything dear at precisely the second you turn your back at them? You get even. And then you make a song about it”.

The main track, Wish You Were Dead starts with some nice crunching guitar tones and a mid tempo drum rhythm. The female vocals come in and have a bit of menace to them as Teija explains her feelings about a cheating partner. She doesn’t hold back either. There is a big catchy chorus and a big, emphatic solo to end on making it a very listenable and enjoyable track.

The second track, In Memoriam, has that same crunching tone on the guitars but plays with a bit more of a chug. The bass is front and centre within the riff as the drums tap out a head nodding rhythm. The instruments all crash in together for a big sounding chorus before we settle back into the chug again. The chorus is really catchy and much like the first track, the song ends with a huge powerful solo over a faster drum beat.

Female fronted, hard rock is probably not my go to music normally but I did enjoy Wish You Were Dead. It is catchy with some meaty guitars and a strong singer. There is a touch of the big female rock stars of the past to Lost Division. Iconic front women like Lita Ford and Pat Benatar which can only be a good thing. Lost Division look to have a big and bright future ahead of them.

Wish You Were Dead is available now on all the usual streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify. You can also check it out over at Inverse Records YouTube channel. Find out more on the band at their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages.

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Wish You Were Dead by Lost Division
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