Single Slam – Welcome to Britney (Your Gateway to Pleasure) by BRITNEY

Edinburgh based trio, BRITNEY, have released a single called Welcome to Britney (Your Gateway to Pleasure). Welcome to Britney has been released via Beef Wellington Enterprises in advance of Britney’s 4th album, BRITNEY4EVER. BRITNEY4EVER is yet to receive a release date so for now, Welcome to Britney exits to tide you over and to introduce you to the band you never realised you had been waiting for.

If you have read any of that and are wondering if this is just a really late April Fools, it isn’t and I checked the same. BRITNEY seem to be doing the unthinkable in the music scene. They seem to be enjoying themselves and having fun. Just check out the band picture below. A photoshoot and they are smiling. Yep, smiling. Okay they may look like they have just escaped an asylum, found a local dealer and popped a few pills but that still counts as smiles.

BRITNEY is Stewart on vocals, Davy on drums and Robbie on the bass.


Welcome to Britney


The single is a short, just over a minute long track that is designed to give you insight into the weird and wonderful minds of BRITNEY.

Stewart McLachlan had the following to say -“Over the course of the last 3 albums, we’ve done a lot of growing and self-evaluating. We wanted to put a cherry on top of it all by writing a song that crammed the different elements of our sound into one minute of sexy chaos. The end result is absolute garbage, so mission accomplished!”

Watching and listening to Welcome to Britney was a journey. I spent a few seconds thinking “what’s going on”. I then spent a few more smiling at the video and then turned to my wife. We both looked at each other and at the same time both declared “I love it”. I do as well. Jokes and silliness aside, I love the frenetic start with blasting drums and furious shrieking vocals. I adored it when it slowed down into a rhythmic bass heavy groove. It is a cool sound, similar to Dead Cross’s first single Grave Slave.

I was sad it ended and will now be checking out some more of their stuff. The single does it’s job well. It makes you want to hear more. BRITNEY may be that little bit of crazy, brilliant nonsense you are missing in your life.

Welcome to Britney

Head on over to Beef Wellington Enterprises on YouTube to check it out for yourself. Once you are hooked, head straight to Bandcamp via this link to pick up the digital download as well as the extras that come with it.

Pick up the download and you get a few exclusive bonus tracks. The real prize though is the accompanying essay you will receive by em..Melvin Smellvin PHD of which you can read an extract below.

“[Our] studies have culminated in “WELCOME TO BRITNEY (YOUR GATEWAY TO PLEASURE)”, a song formulated over years of research by the Beef Wellington Enterprises Music Formulation Laboratories (B.W.E.M.F.L) to represent BRITNEY in its purest form. A concise and meticulously crafted snippet of sound that represents the different forms of BRITNEY and, by extension, the walls of the moist polyhedron they call “the universe”. May you peruse it endlessly…” – Melvin Smellvin PhD, writing for Rolling Stone.

Welcome to Britney (Your Gateway to Pleasure) by BRITNEY
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